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Rothgar of the Hundred Titles

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Rothgar of the Hundred Titles

Although we have few stories about him, we do have Rothgar's hundred titles--and they tell quite a tale about him. It can be surmised from the titles themselves that he led an unusual but nonetheless disreputable life, interspersed with occasional bright spots, suggesting that he is one of the most realistic characters ever written into Battal.


Rothgar acquired titles throughout his life, and as such he was only referred to as "of the Hundred Titles" posthumously--at the time he married Vaxin the Tiny, he was known as "Rothgar of the 72 Titles."


He's also famous for "Random Rothgar titles," a website that displays often humorous titles submitted by users.




List of Rothgar's Known Titles:

This list is considered canonical.

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  1. The Decent Guy
  2. The Lice Free
  3. Who Bathes Semi-regularly
  4. The Uncleanly-Shaven
  5. The Non-Foul
  6. Wielder of Crumpets
  7. The Froggish
  8. The Notable
  9. The While-Not-Great-Certainly-Not-Forgettable
  10. The Acceptably-Handsome
  11. Of the Neatly-Trimmed Fingernails
  12. Of a Decent Singing Voice
  13. The Wind in the Bushes
  14. Slayer of the Seven Slayers of the Seven Players of the Seven Fiddles
  15. Hidden Below Windows
  16. Prince of Pinch
  17. Taker of Naps
  18. Giver of Whaps
  19. Linker of Sausage
  20. The Pink Yesterday
  21. The Yellow Tomorrow
  22. The Egg Filcher
  23. The Undisputed Rothgar
  24. The Big and Scary
  25. King for a Day
  26. Hand of the North
  27. Cracked of Boot
  28. Crooked of Hat
  29. The Air Breather
  30. The Undeserving of So Many Goddamned Titles About Mundane Things
  31. Bad Touch
  32. Thinker of Thoughts
  33. Eater of Quilp Cheese
  34. Chaser of Drinks
  35. Walker of the Walk
  36. Talker of the Talk
  37. The Often Described But Never Truly Understood
  38. He of More Names Than Really Seems Necessary When One Thinks Of It
  39. Item Law 318
  40. Cousin of Garroth
  41. The Earl of James-Jones
  42. Who Was Pretender to the Title of Earl of James-Jones
  43. Earl of Sweeping Broom
  44. The Easily-Cheated (used only once)
  45. The Attacker of Those Who Cheat Him And Mock Him For It
  46. With All Those Goddamn Titles
  47. Wielder of The Peanuty Spikey Hammer
  48. The Sultan of Sloth
  49. The Unemployed
  50. The Now-employed
  51. The Employee of the Month
  52. The Freely-Spending
  53. The Festival-Goer
  54. The Midsummer-Night Drinker of Ale
  55. The Singer of Songs After Drinking Ale
  56. The Breaker of Windows When Drunk
  57. Who Accidentally Once Wore Vaxin's Clothing To Comical Effect When Drunk
  58. Who Could Not Remove The Incredibly Tight Clothing But Instead Got It Stuck Around His Head
  59. The Recently-Arrested For Having Broken Windows And Creating A Public Disturbance, However Amusing It Was
  60. The Recently-Paroled
  61. Who Denies Having Done A Thing
  62. Of The Bestselling Tell-All Book
  63. Who Dislikes Any Titles Relating To The Events of Midsummer-Night
  64. Of the Fen
  65. Of the Glade
  66. Of the Mountain
  67. Who Obtained Three Titles While Fleeing the Hamlet in Direct Violation of His Parole
  68. The Great
  69. The Wise
  70. Of Impeccable Taste
  71. Who Attempted to Improve His Chances with Vaxin by Giving Himself Inappropriately Positive Titles
  72. Of the 72 Titles
  73. Formerly Known as Rothgar of the 72 Titles
  74. The Vaxin-Marryer
  75. The Husband of Vaxin
  76. The Not-Nearly-As-Tiny-As-Vaxin-But-Still-Somewhat-Tiny-In-His-Own-Right
  77. The Lucubratious
  78. Who Was Caught Beating Up Children And Writing Down The Way They Described It Afterwards
  79. The Twice-Arrested
  80. The Twice-Paroled
  81. The Everchanging
  82. The Nightmare of Checkerboards
  83. The Second Sweeper of the Midnight City
  84. Eater of Plums
  85. Defender of Irrational Dogmatism
  86. Furniliar's Bane
  87. Co-Leader of the Albrosian Alliance
  88. The Strategic Genius (after he showed the Alliance his latest plans)
  89. That Moron We Can't Believe We Trusted (after the Alliance tried out his plans)
  90. Who Decided To Fight Yar the Sorcerial
  91. Who Will Certainly Defeat Yar the Sorcerial in Battle
  92. Yar-fighter
  93. Who Heroically Died Saving Vaxin the Tiny from Yar the Sorcerial
  94. Who Stupidly Died in a Vain Attempt to Save Vaxin the Tiny (given soon afterwards)
  95. Who Wasn't Such A Bad Guy Now That He's Gone
  96. Who Will Possibly Be Missed
  97. Martyr of the Alliance
  98. Who Had A Lot Of God-damned Titles
  99. Whose Death Necessitated A Counting of Titles
  100. Of the Hundred Titles




While his titles make no mention of them (which really says something about the guy in of itself) we know from the various writings concerning Vaxin the Tiny that the pair had six children, who, due to their parentage, where given titles upon or shortly after birth. They were Alexis the Two-Months Late, Ebon the Incessant Crier, Adrianna Whose Teething Left Scars, Me'ak Whose Name Was The Cause of Much Family In-Fighting, Rothgar Junior Whose Life Will Not Be Easy and Robert Who Likes Cheese. The children grew up to be somewhat notable people, however not quite as epic as their parents, possibly due to their somewhat un-impressive early titles.


Difficulties in research

Rothgar is mentioned only in passing in Book 13 and a Half, which does go into great detail about his wife Vaxin. Due to this, there are very few sources of information on Rothgar, much of the discussion regarding him having been based around mostly idle speculation. This was slightly remedied with the release of the Wizbits Elemenstor Battle expansion Carrion: The Marksman. However, it was not the full set of 100 cards (one for each title) that gave Rothgar's rabid fan base the information they so desired (in fact, due to a printing error, many of the cards featured the same, rather unflattering, caption: "ARUGHAGH!" -Rothgar's Last Words) but rather the send away book The Wonders of Rothgar: Carrion: The Marksman Designer's Guide: What We Did And Why We Did It, which now featches premium prices on the collectors market.



List of Rothgar's Non-Canon Titles

Despite the lack of canonical stories, Rothgar's many descriptive titles make him a popular character in Fan Fiction, where convenience, creativity, or laziness on the part of fans has resulted in a number of additional titles. This is similar to the conundrum created by the 100 Swords of Sepathok discussed here. See also Rothgar Sydrome


  1. The Fresh Toasted
  2. A Warrior named Rothgar (you say the whole thing)
  3. The Thee
  4. The much better character then Bill Brasky
  5. Mister-san
  6. Who was the Real Slim Shady
  7. He who Shot J.R.
  8. He Who Can Simply Walk Into The Chasm of Eternal Sorrow
  9. He Who When Donates Blood, Refuses the Syringe and Simply Asks for a Sword and a Bucket
  10. He Who is Unsurprisingly Rash and in Horrible Pain
  11. He Who Once Ate Fifty Eggs in an Hour
  12. He Who Once Punched a Hole Through a Cow Just to See Through to the Other Side
  13. He Who Once Looked A Gift Horse In The Mouth And Called It "Stupid."
  14. He who's not a Pheasant Plucker but the Pheasant Plucker's son, but keeps Plucking Pheasants till the Pheasant Plucker comes. (don't say aloud)
  15. He Whose Primary Export is Pain
  16. He Whose Secondary Export is Grain
  17. He Whose Tertiary Export is a Rather Sticky, Yellow Oozing Liquid
  18. He Whose Primary Import is Sweet Lovin'
  19. He Whose Secondary Import is Mead.
  20. He Who Once Round-House Kicked Chuck Norris in the Face. Twice.
  21. He Who Pities The Fool
  22. Moderator
  23. Who once flipped out and killed an entire village just because some kid dropped a spoon
  24. Smearer of Paps (Occationally mistaken for cannon, although history has shown us that it lost out to Giver of Whaps)
  25. The slayer of the player of Slayer music
  26. The noun of place to verb for adjective madlibs.
  27. Who was probably about 1000x times as manly as could ever be captured on paper
  28. Who is want to take Macintosh keyboards, shove them down peoples throats, and shout "How do ya like them apples?"
  29. Disciple of Rothrigar
  30. Who was all that and a bag of chips


Fan Art

By Dryope and Tim

By Rhok



Please note that the list is complete and has been carefully cross-referenced. Getting titles 49 and 72 in the correct place took some doing, please keep that in mind should you choose to update this page.
I'm almost absolutely certain that the title "of the 42 Titles" and it's succesor "the Rothgar formerly know as.." both were misplaced and were in fact the 72nd and 73rd titles, the current form relfects this.
Very well then. I've updated the description at the beginning of the article to reflect this--again, when things are cross-referenced you have to be more careful to edit all the sources. I consider this list complete and canonical, hopefully now that we've got all 100 people won't feel the need to change them.
I was sure that The Lucubratious was given to Rothgar later in life and I found the error- Somone had switched it with The Big and Scary. This has been fixed. God forbid some unsuspecting school child memorize them in the wrong order! - Ooknabah
I've added a tally of completed entries at the top of the list, but since I'm not terribly l33t it won't automatically update itself or anything. If you do write some titles for Rothgar, please change it accordingly. - Niall
Don't know who changed it, but we now have a nice fancy auto-updating one! BTW, if you're adding in your research note that there's now a link to the previous and next title at the end of every entry. I've been going through them, but it's obviously a lot of work! Now that I've mentioned it, I'm sure some leet programmer will just write some script that does all the work easily. :P - Ooknabah


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I always loved the cross-fandom between Rothgar and Chuck Norris (http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com/). I always wondered whether the Chuck Norris character was partially inspired by Rothgar.

Anonymous said

at 7:03 am on Feb 3, 2006

Actually, that page is a knock-off of the origin site (http://4q.cc/), and it has been determined that all 3 characters are at elast partially based off of Rothgar...

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Dang. And that's one of the manliest pictures I've ever drawn.

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Rothgar was probably about 1000x times as manly as could ever be captured on paper, but you can do better than that.

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And with that, Rothgar's titles were filled. I think everyone can agree that despite the limited resources regarding the man, we're probably put together the most comprehensive look and him availible. Congrats to all who contributed!

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