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RPG Weapons

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Weapons in the ELotH: tES Pen and Paper RPG are many, they range from short poking devices (also known as daggers) to devices that allow you to poke things from far away (also known as bows), these weapons are what makes Battal's dead peacemakers spin in their grave, essentially, they cannot actually spin, due to the fact that their graves are not circular but it's the meaning that counts.


Ever since the first spear was made, Battal has been known for being a swirling vortex of bloodshed and violence, sometimes both at the same time, and to survive in this cruel land your player will need a weapon, be it a Hugesword for the Hitter Man or a Compository Widebow for the rage controlled dancer in all of us, arming oneself is such a basic task that even filthy, diry peasants do it.


General Critical Range Guide

This is based upon the sharpness of the weapon. These are only guidelines, however, as some weapons can be especially keen.


NS (Not Sharp) weapons critical on a natural 23.

MS (Mostly Sharp) weapons critical anywhere from 21-23.

SH (Sharp Headed) weapons critical on a 22 or 23.


Simple Weapons, Close

Also known as filthy peasant weapons, these weapons can be used by even the most novice and criplingly stupid adventurer, they are the most basic and useless of weapons, carrying one is a symbol of your lowness and unhighness.




Blunt Stone

Breakaway Chair

Farming Kama


Sharp Rock

Stupid Boomerang


Simple Weapons, Far Away


These incredibly easy-to-use weapons allow the everyday adventurer or even filthy peasant to hit people without getting close to them.


Throwing Rock

Stale Baguette

Bag of Sand



Non-Filthy Peasant Weapons, Close


These slightly more complex and hard to use weapons are the heart and soul of all violence that is not dished put by filthy peasants, they are the most averagest weapons around.


Axe, One Sided

Axe, 2 Sided

Axe, 3 Sided

Blunter Hammer

Blunt Hammer

Blunt Spike Riddled Mace

Five-Handed Sword






Spikey Mace

Short Poking Device


Non-Filthy Peasant Weapons, Far Away


These weapons are harder to goodly use in the hands of people who are not goodly trained in their using, goodly using these weapons usually requires training, sometimes even a month of it.


Compository Widebow

Compository Slimbow




Big Angrybow

Dissapointing Book


Stupid Weapons that Don't Work Half of the Time, Close




Stupid Weapons that Don't Work Half of the Time, Far Away




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