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Rubian Bird

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Rubian Bird


Rubian Birds are small, blue birds with red markings near their beaks, who feed upon rubian shards. Hence their name. They can sense rubian shards and will often migrate long distances to find them, however they will always return to Zonardia once sated. Rubian Birds excrete their sustanence with seemingly no change, the rubian shards appear to be no worse for the wear of seeing the inside of a bird.


Because of their unusual diets, Rubian Birds have many special powers. The most observed ones are Transchanting and teleportation, although it is suspected they may have more.


Contact with seawater makes Rubian Birds extremely ill, and should be avoided at all times.


A baby rubian bird chick is referred to as a Chibi. The plane of Chibi Chibi is an infinite plane of Rubian Bird nests and geography specifically suited to their nesting. Rubian Birds have the ability to transport themselves to this plane at will but do not appear to be able to transport themselves to any other plane with the same ease.

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