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Tied with Stream.


Rubian – pronounced "ROO-bee-in" – are red gems of magical power, specifically of Transmorphation Elemenstation, the central skill of High Elemenstation. With the ability to turn inanimate objects into living beings, rubian are considered somehow related to the Starborn Gem, which held the same power.


However, the exact correlation between rubian and the Starborn Gem is one of the great mysteries of the ELotH. While it's canon that the Starborn Gem fell to the world as a comet, the official source of rubian was unknown for some time.


Small shards of the material can be found throughout Battal, but are so small as to be practically inert, or at most can only grant some trait to an inanimate object - an elemental trait, for example, or even mild personality. (See Embedded Rubian.) The true power of rubian is manifested in larger, well-defined gems.


High Elemenstors possess perfect rubian gems, which are fully capable of true, repeated Transchanting, the subtle art employed to create Furniliars; lesser, imperfect rubian gems are more common, and may only partially transmorph inanimate objects or transmorph an inanimate object once before disintegrating.


This nature lends itself to the most prominent, but potentially non-canon, explanation to the source of rubian, as put forth in episode 1-03 ("Dark Wecrets") of The Wizbits - that the impact of the Starborn Gem activated similar powers within previously inert materials. Fan speculation is as varied as it is thorough, and has long been the subject of rigorous - sometimes even heated - debate. Some people think that they're broken shards of the Starborn Gem, or that the Starborn Gem and all other rubian are the shards of that mother stone. Others think rubian was created from the Starborn Gem by Harbinger Portent. The theory states that Portent, who did know of his imminent demise, being psychic and all, sought to provide to future generations a way to defeat his immortal student, Char Reyarteb. The perfect rubian gems are places where Portent's spirit, known as the Ocumen in the series, resides, at least in this theory.


Rubian are kept in a Santorum when not being used.


Origins of rubian


As alluded to above, the origin of rubian was not illuminated until episode s2e05 (Rasgones del Wizbits) of the Argentinian live-action The Wizbits spinoff Una Hora de Acción con los Wizbits! wherein Lander accidently ingests the root of the voba plant while travelling in the land of the Cohoris. Used as the main hallucenogenic ingredient of Cohoris Dream Paste, the voba root quickly subdues Lander as he falls into a hazy and excessively backlit psychotropic narrative.


In his dreamscape, Lander is transported to a time before The Sundering to witness the final trial of Cohor, First Sire of the Cohoris. It is said that Cohor was tasked with fourteen great trials after mistakenly choosing the false Egg of Power and losing favor with the gods. The goddess Olona, who had once loved Cohor, showed the most spite of all the gods in deciding his final trial. She called for him to plough the vast onion fields of the Plane of Infinite Weeping Sorrow which legend held would only be completed 'In the span of a million tortured souls'. However, Cohor scorned Olona with his skill and bravery, quickly delivering a pile of onion meal so vast it dwarfed the ancient home of the gods upon Mont Slightly-Taller-Than-Mont-Elim by a good couple feet.


Olona was so enraged by the mortal Cohor's hubris that she smote the bulbous edifice bringing the moderately depressing Weeping Time to all the lands. As she did this, a tear of pure rage fell from her one good eye and streaked toward Battal. Falling through the clouds of pure magik that shrouded Mont Slightly-Taller-Than-Mont-Elim casued this tear to change and crystallize. It sparked with the fury of infused magiks and whistled sharply as it fell, gaining enormous speed. Minutes later, it crashed into the base of the mountain and was destroyed in a fume of searing flame. Coincidentally, at the exact moment the tear was destroyed, the first shard of pure rubian popped into existence just to the left of the smoking crater.


Role in Wizbits Elemenstor Battle


One of the more hotly contested cards within the CCG is the "Rubian Tear (Card)" which allows the player of the card to physically strike their opponent in homage to the rage of Olona. Once used in play, the card must be destroyed by casting it into a cauldron of smoldering embers (required game material).


A common card called "Rubian Shard" was also added to the CCG. When put into play, the "Rubian Shard" is placed just to the left of the cauldron.


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