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Sakengaarg the Forge Master of Crystalcrown

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Sakengaarg the Forge Master of Crystalcrown


First: Sakengaarg is not Quailheart's friend.


The Crystalcrown Chronicles

Second, Sakengaard was the last of the Dwarven Forge-Kings and one of Princess Crystalcrown's mightiest allies. Along with his friend Llorllthos, Sakengaard founded the Crystal Order, a group of mighty warriors dedicated to mourning the Princess' death, promoting cabbage farming, and guarding against future incursions by the Dark Master, though (due to the fact that the Ending Times were upon them) the Order did not last long or accomplish much.


Unless, of course, you count all the cabbage soup.


Anyhow, Sakengaarg is at best a secondary character in the Crystalcrown Chronicles. The one chapter that is written from his point-of-view is dedicated to his unhealthy love of axes. He was an avid collector and, as Forge-King of the Dwarves, he was able to accumulate quite a collection (see below). Most of these axes he managed to obtain by trading away the dwarven kingdom's greatest treasures, from enchanted swords and armor right down to the royal jewels. His greatest frustration in life was that he never managed to get his hands on the Axe to Grind of Revenging, which he had hoped to use to kill Quailheart before that great ponce could flee Battal on his fancy-dancy boat. It is said that Sakengaarg had managed to secure the Sword of the Ocumen and was saving it to trade for whoever could bring him the axe he most desired.


In addition to his Epic deeds of heroism in the defense of Princess Crystalcrown, ruling the Dwarves, and forging weapons at the Crystalcrown forges, Sakengaarg once domesticated a Boardillo, quite by accident really, and named it Gaaaargh which is apparently a name particularly well suited to working into Dwarven doggerel. Gaaaargh was often seen roaming the Dead Lands.


Axe Collection


Everyone knows that dwarves love their axes--perhaps even as much as the War Men. But Sakengaarg took his love to that level where creepy lurking, angsty poetry, and broken restraining orders come into play. By the time of Princess Crystalcrown's tragic demise, his collection included:



In what may or may not have been ironic, it turns out that despite the size and Epic nature of his collection, Sakengaarg usually wielded a worn and dingy War Man axe he called, at various times, "Bertha," "Hilda," "Ly'riarranaasa," and "Margaret." Something about "keeping things in mint condition" or some such.

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