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Second Battle of Timidity and Indecisiveness

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Second Battle of Timidity and Indecisiveness

The Players

The Good Guys


The Bad Guys


The Events

Two armies set on the fields of battle, each unsure of how to make the first move, it looked uncertain if there would be a second battle of timidity and indecisiveness at all. Nobody will never know what would have happened were it not for the sudden and unexpected appearance of Trafficant the Sly, who was presumed to be dead, with his came his companion, the free-furniliar Jackpot. It's not clear which element (or elements) of Jackpot's expansive ramblings filled with racial slurs against the residents of the Arcane Northern Realms specifically whipped the Nartuush Tribe into their bloodlusty fury, but it was sufficient to begin the slaughter.


Skullmar had begun to have some mastery over his powers of generating fear and dread so became a much more fearsome force on the battlefield. Zuumont was not so harmless either, resulting in significant casualties on both sides. In the middle of the battle Jackpot hit his own jackpot and exploded, killing Trafficant in a shocking display of meaningless tragedy for which Tycho Brahe is so well known. As the sun set, both forces were exhausted and demoralized, setting the stage for that to which all this leads; the Third and Final Battle of Timidity and Indecisiveness.



The author's signature device of characters from earlier books in the franchise (often those who were presumed to be dead) unexpectedly appearing was often criticised as pandering directly to the hardcore fan base of The Elemenstor Cycle.

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