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Second Prophecy

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The Second Prophecy


When Hygrad the Mighty was lying on his deathbed, his Band of Men was gathered close around him. Before dying he prophetically told of the future birth of the first Magic Sword King. The band took this prediction and guarded it by forming a mysterious brotherhood known as the Brotherhood of the King. After most of the Band of Men had left the room, thinking that Hygrad has already passed on, with his last breath Hygrad spoke the Second Prophecy to Hardforge the Kingsguard.


The prophecy was that of The Ending Times. It was said that two of the 100 swords would clash, and in a mighty battle bring about the End of All Years. It was not known which two swords would be involved (tons of fan speculation) so the secret brotherhood watches all the swords from the shadows, and waits for two of them to meet... and bring about the end of time.


The CCG card Prophecy of the Swordkings - Part Two (Card) flavor text was the basis for the tales of The Brotherhood of the Second Prophecy.


A death hung in the air. His friends and companions looked one to another and shuffled from the room. All save Hardforge, who stayed and wept. And it was then, in a final gasp, that the Second Prophecy was uttered.


Interestingly, this same set of sentances was lifted directly and used in The Item Guild Wars, as was common in those books to tie them more closely to the merchandise, and to make the cards seems as though they were in fact prophetically quoting from a larger pre-written work.


I think it was the Second Prophecy card actually...
There is a Second Prophecy card in addition to the Part Two card? I always just called Part Two the Second Prophecy, myself.
Yeah.. Second Prophecy was the one with the special pillar resolution rules and actually had a picture of swirling mist, Prophecy of the Swordkings - Part Two (Card) had a picture of Hygrad dying, was cheaper, and there were no special resolution rules. I think that the Second Prophecy card was created before this was all linked in with the fiction of the sword kings. -Tim
Ah, okay, I think I figured it out. Prophecy of the Swordkings - Part Two (Card) was in Sound: Be Gone, and has the quote stated above - foreshadowing the actual prophecy. It wasn't until the Origins Genesis expansion that the Second Prophecy was fleshed out with additional lore text on the Second Prophecy (Card). Kemper

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