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Class: Adult

Element: Fire

First Appearance: Monsters of the Hierarchs toyline

Other Notable Appearances: The Wizbits season 2


An Elemanifestation that was one of the earliest to appear in Battal's foggy past. He emerged as a spirit of fire who sees himself as the defender of justice, althoug he isn't particularly bright. Seth is made of fire, but occasionally the flames actually seem to hurt him, illogical as that sounds. It suggests that he is not disciplined enough to completely control his powers.


Seth was Skip's main power source for season 2 of The Wizbits. However, Skip was often annoyed by Seth's relative lack of intelligence and constant shouts of "I am the Fires of Justice! Hiii!" and ended up using any excuse not to summon him.


Seth (with "Fireball Launching Action!!") was one of the best-selling toys in the original Monsters of the Hierarchs toyline, and is fondly remembered as "the" definative Elemanifestation to old-school fans of the franchise.


Incidentally, Seth has a deathly fear of snakes.


Physical Form

Seth manifests as a humanoid flame, with pointed ears and fangs. He is not entirely humanoid as he lacks legs, and only has a tail-like wisp of flame where legs would be. Instead he freely floats over the ground.




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