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Seven Great Herds of the Minotaur

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The Seven Great Herd of the Minotaur


The Minotaur society, as with that of most large shaggy herbivores, is organized into herds. Though there are no doubt herds to be found most anywhere that tall grass grows, there are seven herds specifically mentioned by Bull-Chief Grorr as he regales a group of young humans with a song about the Seven Herds in Tales of Yorn over a trough of Root Tea.



The Six Herds of The Shield

There are the six tribes mentioned by Grorr in Tales of Yorn. He never mentions the seventh, and for some reason, Yorn doesn't seem to notice.


The Mist Hooves

Grorr revealed much about his people to the inquisitive Yorn, who was very interested in the migration and breeding of Minotaur. In the process of learning about Grorr's herd and their habits, he also learned about where babies come from, which was quite shocking to the young lad (for a few moments, imagine recieving "the talk" from a 1800-lb shaggy behemoth who communicates in broken english and violent gestures). Grorr spoke of a few of the lands his Herd had travelled:


The Southern Blood Teeth

Though Grorr did not elaborate upon the name, it has been inferred that either the particularly rough grasses of Parsonya might account for the name, or that it is reference to the Herd's pure toughness in having to deal with the Barely Flattenable Weaslefox on a regular basis. Grorr referred to them as his "lost cousins", as they were separated from Grorr's own herd by The Long Road. This herd is presumed to have roamed in:


The Northern Flats Minotaur

The Minotaur of the Northern Flats Grorr suspected to be a smaller herd because he had "herd" so little from them. Nobody seemed to think that was very funny. They were known as "Fearsome Shepherds of the Tasty Wangalo" by the Wangs.


The North East Coasters

The most peaceful of the Herds, the Noreasters grazed peacefully in the plentiful Crestplains, only occasionally getting into skirmishes with the farmers of the fertile lands who occasionally mistook them for errant livestock.


Prominent Members: Bull-Chief Murgh


The Dog Killers

These fearsome warriors were the largest of all herds, ranging farther than any others of their kind. As such they were reknowned for producing many a Bull-Chief who shook the ground with the weight and girth of his Third Leg.


The Dirt Huggers

Dwelling in the misty Northwest, the Minotaur of Ithbarg were notoriously slow and smelly, often wearing their mane in tangled dreadlocks. They were the sole sedentary tribe of the Minotaur, who were fed year-round by the grasses of their cool and rainy homeland. A large portion of Ithbarg remained uninhabited due to the persistent "smell of wet Minotaur

  • Ithbarg


Prominent Members: Bull-Chief Bugg


Other Herds


The Last Ones

Dwelling in the far-off lands of Zonardia, The Last Ones are completely oblivious to the fact that there are more Minotaur in the universe. They believe that they are the sole survivors of the cataclysmic summoning of Taur's Own Son by the villainous Luuu'uugh'eeeegh. They completely abandoned the way of the Minotaur Shaman, and are the sole developers of any known Minotaur Technology. The role of shamans in their society was replaced by the enigmatic Duruds.


asuraI'm assuming that Bull-Chief Grorr has given the following names in Tales of Yorn as brief translations of their monikers in the Minotaur Tongue, which would probably have been quite a bit longer. However, in other places, he refers to his own herd as "Hmuuu'mUUUr", which is the name of its High Cow, who ends this particular chapter in Tales of Yorn by coming to scold him.

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