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seventeen final battles

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The Seventeen Final Battles of the Hierarch Wars


The Seventeen Final Battles of the Hierarch Wars were a series of seventeen cataclysmic final battles fought in the land of Battal which ultimately brought about the vanquishing of Char Reyarteb and the end of the Hierarch Wars. They were recounted in Book 12. The seventeen battles, in chronological order, were as follows:


  1. The Battle of the Moonlit Banners (Colloquially: We Didn't Start the Fire)
  2. The Battle of The Six Undoings and Five Redoings
  3. The Battle of Mort
  4. The Battle of Firthmore Loch
  5. The Battle of Splinters
  6. The Battle of the 18 Winds and 7 Half-Winds, Which is Really Just 21 Winds and a Single Half-Wind
  7. The First Battle of Timidity and Indecisiveness (Colloquially: TI 1 )
  8. The Battle of Foelttabeht
  9. The Second Battle of Timidity and Indecisiveness (Colloquially: TI 2: This Time It's Personal )
  10. The Battle of Windfield Plains
  11. The Battle of The Very, Very, Very, Very Arcane Northern Realms
  12. The Battle of Furniliar Shards
  13. The Third and Final Battle of Timidity and Indecisiveness (Colloquially: TI 3: The Revenge )
  14. The Battle of the Bands of Hardahrock
  15. The Battle of the Towers of Elemenstation Power
  16. The Battle of Fallen Knobs and Elemenstation A-Plenty
  17. The Battle of Freedom's Peril (Colloquially: Hierarmageddon)


Note that these are not the only Final Battles ever to occur. Battal is a land epic beyond compare, so Final Battles are held with the same regularity other lands might have bank holidays. However, this is the only occasion in which seventeen Final Battles took place during the same Epic Struggle. Most Epic Struggles only rate a single Final Battle, but Epic Struggles with up to six Final Battles are not all that rare.

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