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(also referred to by its Glitky name of Satia.)



One of the Twelve Realms. A small nation, Shadia was entirely surrounded by tall Evergrowth Trees, casting it in eternal shade. Unfortunately, this made it one of the first conquests of the Vampyric Wars, and it fell in year 939 (TMSK).



Shadia was comfortably wedged between K'th'ith'h and The Kingdom of Yymp in the southern half of The Shield. Its proximity to the ruined gates of the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow contributed to the nation's swift descent into ruin and its transformation into a barren swampland.


In addition to a large population of Men, Shadia was the original home of the Elf-Witches and Witch-Elves who lived in the mysterious Forest Woods. Until the time of the Vampyric Wars, most of the population spoke Glitky.


In the latter half of the 16th millenium, during the 10 year War of the Shades, the region is decimated. Henceforth it is referred to as the The Baren Swamplands of Yore.


Notable Rulers

Elf-Queen Gwyndlewhythlwend


Notable Cities


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