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Shimmering Sword of Life

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Timor, Shimmering Sword of Life


One of the 100 Swords of Sepathok, it is said to be the embodiment of the Life element. It was forged by the legendary Forge-King of the Dwarves, Gragnakas, in the mountains of Grothondogrim, in a second attempt to create the greatest of all swords (the first being the disastrous failure that was the Mute Blade of Non-Life). The Shimmering Sword of Life was once in the possession of Baren Lothrin, leader of the once wondrous city of Yore.


This sword, when activated, surrounds the bearer in a green aura, protecting him or her from harm. Interestingly, the blade of the sword itself is completely blunt, and incapable of inflicting even minor damage. This is said to reflect on its maker's all-consuming love of life, or at least his sense of irony.


Although the sword's bearer is protected from all outside harm, it should be noted that he can still die of natural causes, as was proven by Gothar the Unhealthy, one of its previous owners.


The Shimmering Sword of Life's current resting place is said to be in the Cave of Tallows Pire.


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