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Siege of Arkleaf

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The Siege of Arkleaf


spans from 17,923 - 17,973





The Siege of Arkleaf is by far one of the most boring annals of ELotH:TeS. For fifty years of the Century of Fire, while the High Council of Arkleaf deliberates in one long continuous session, the War Men lay seige to the Gates of Arkleaf until so many of them have piled up that the rest of the War Men are able to take the city.


Notable consequences of this event are the death of Gr'z'tok and Phyllana, the destruction of Arkleaf (which was a very tedious place indeed) and the very unlikely survival of the Cohoris. The battle severly thinned the ranks of the War Men.




Timeline Events




  • 17,925 – Gr'z'tok gets tired of sleeping in a tent and constructs the Lowtower. Though the Higgerath slowly increases in size, it also is slowly diminished by the constant casualties of the enthusiastic War Men.






  • 17,931 - General Gron suggests pole-vaulting over the walls of the Arkleaf. Though the Higgerath are not yet assembled, Gr'z'tok grudgingly agrees. Over the next two years, Gron and his entire army are impaled on the spiked Gates of Arkleaf.











  • 17,950 - Y'ZgerD joins the Higgerath. Unable to communicate with them due to all of the rejoicing, he decides to attack Arkleaf. His entire army is struck down by the wood-archers.








  • 17,963 - Gr'z'tok emerges from his tent to find that the pile of bodies of his men has nearly reached the top of the Gates of Arkleaf. In a moment of tactical genius, he instructs his men to continue assailing the wall and dying en masse, so that their bodies might make a ladder to the top of the city walls and feed the growing Bloodlustiness of the Higgerath.












Excerpt from the song "Waning of the Cohoris"

In this land we baskets weaved

e'er Warlike Men were known to tread.

Battlestaffs firm in our hands

we walk away, we run... away...



Source Material

Siege of Arkleaf, with all of its various very long songs and accompanied translations of original languages, composes almost the entirety of the Book of Lost Legendary Tales a companion to Plunder of the Barrenlands, an adventure pack of the ELotH: TES - Pen and Paper RPG. Reading it has been considered an insufferable amount of reference material to wade through in order to play a tabletop RPG. Some material is also noted in the Collide: The Vision expansion to the Wizbits Elemenstor Battle game.

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