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Sierra Vanity

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Sierra Vanity


The main protagonist of Book 10. Sierra Vanity dies in the openings of Book 12, though her son, Ronard the Medium restores the Ronard Dynasty in the same book.


Early Days


In the year 23,354, Sierra Vanity was a teenager when she inherited the Old House of Eyekia Lane after her long-lost great-uncle died and willed it to her. Little did she know the history of the house, or how this seemingly insignificant house would cause her to become involved in one of the most Epic of all the Epic struggles Battal had ever seen.


Guddboy Lad and The Old House

Through a series of adventures with the kitchen boy Guddboy Lad, Sierra soon discovered that the old house was, in fact, imbued with the terrible dread power of long-forgotten dark lord Char Reyarteb; it was just as the Elemenstor master Ubrith had suspected. This in and of itself was a manageable situation for the Elementstors, for the spirit of Reyarteb was still deep in slumber somewhere within the house. Unfortunately, Sierra somehow screwed things up and accidentally awakened said spirit during an impromptu wet-cloak contest at the house.


The Gathering Storm


Brought together by the gathering storm of darkness over the land of Battal (not to mention Guddboy's incoherent but romantic babblings), Sierra and Guddboy fall in love, and at the beginning of Book 11, we find that they are now wed and have a son by the name of Ronard (Ron, for short). As the tale continues, Ron grows up into young adulthood. The Companionship of the Elemenstors reconvenes, and as the evil continues to spread across the land, the Elemenstors soon realize that the epicenter of the evil in the old house is, in fact, the enigmatic kitchen doorknob. Sierra, Guddboy, and Ron, find that their destiny is inextricably linked to the house and the coming war - for they must return to the house to retrieve and vanquish the doorknob once and for all (by throwing it in the trash, of course) while the Elemenstors do battle with the forces of evil springing up around Battal. Alas Sierra and Guddboy once again inexplicably screw up, when all they had to do was "just throw the dang thing away", as Ubrith and the rest of the Companionship of the Elemenstors had instructed them.


Her Tragic End


Tragically, at the first of the climactic seventeen final battles of the Hierarch Wars - the Battle of the Moonlit Banners - Sierra is killed in a betrayal engineered by the Dark Elemenstrix Kapybara. Ron and Guddboy vow revenge over her lifeless body, this setting up events for a final confrontation with Reyarteb at the last of the seventeen battles - the Battle of Freedom's Peril.


Fan Art


(Guys, it's been a while since I've read Books 10-12 - I'm blanking on a lot of the details, please help)

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