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The Battlestaff of Char Reyarteb, which was created by the power of the Starborn Gem during Reyarteb's foray into High Elemenstation with his teacher Harbinger Portent. It is imbued with a relatively long list of abilities and is forged into the nature of a serpent, with eyes that, when stared into directly, can kill with simplicity and efficiency.


Known Powers of Siezor

The ability to turn into a giant snake who answers to the name of Siezor.

The ability to turn back into a Battlestaff.

The ability to remain a giant snake.

The ability to deal major damage to any foe.

The ability to create helium, which may be used to distort the user's voice.

The ability to channel tremendous amounts of Elemenstational Force


Known Non-Powers of Siezor

The ability for compassion.

The ability to love.

The ability to love again.

The ability to produce a gorilla from midair. (It should be noted that Siezor can, however, produce a sizable, and irate, baboon.)

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