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Simon the Severe

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Simon the Severe


A short story taking place between Book 5 and Book 6, regarding a Furniliar Bookshelf named Simon who learns High Elemenstation by reading the vast tomes contained within his own body. Considered anachronistic and vaguely sacriligious to hardcore fans, because Simon performs the ritual of Transchanting on himself, thereby igniting a Chicken/Egg debate about which came first, Transchanting or Furniliars.


Also known as "Simon the Furni-Pated"


It is thought that the story of Simon was inspired by the original story of Jonathan, the throne that was his own furniliar, which appeared in the first set of the CCG in 1989, and was cut from an early draft of the Elemenstor Radio Dramas.



Pretty sure this is non-canon.

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