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No one is certain of the origin of the mythical SoJ (nor do they know what it stands for, as its trade may be marked), but it is said it holds great power, increasing an Elemenstor's Elemenstoring abilities. Legend has it that the first SoJ appeared out of a chest - which, for no discernable reason, was in a corner of a small field - though the time or place is unknown. Many a monarch claimed the original was created by their son, as a science fair project, but their claims proved to be false.


It is widely accepted that in the negative three hundred thirty second century, the popularity of SoJ's grew until it dwarfed everyday necessities, such as money or clothes. Hordes of status seekers scoured the land, killing everything in sight, praying that their prey might have stumbled across one. A popular shopping establishment began a gambling service where customers chose a type of object, and it had small possibility of being extraordinary (even an SoJ). With the profit they made during this period, the establishment in question was able to heavily invest in enchanting and magical services, setting the foundation for The Magic Sword Kings Period. At the height of its popularity, the SoJ entirely replaced currency, leaving people to measure the value of their goods by it.


Within a few years, the darker side of society involved itself in the SoJ market. They began making duplicates, and flooded the market with them. Items once worth one SoJ were now worth twelve. Riots ensued. The death toll was never determined; by then, the numbering system had become dependant on SoJ's, and the rapid inflation caused numbers to lose all meaning.


Once the most violent had killed each other, those in power quietly began to pick up the pieces. More powerful artifacts were made, replacing the SoJ's and setting the stage for The War of the Item Guilds. No one could verify the validity of a given SoJ, leaving the public weary of them.


For more information, see Currency and Trade on Battal.




Though some believe an SoJ to be a ring, this has never been determined.

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