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Sotar Olderndirt

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Sotar Olderndirt

19,967 - 20,146


Sotar was already of middle age when he was first taught the secrets of Earth High Elemenstation, and was able to see the future and the past. It is mentioned that Sotar was a descendant of Lady B'gt'ts and Welregar of Ebonshire which may help to explain part of his ability to see through time and his longevity. He gave up his mind and his life in an Epic struggle to prevent an army of War Men from being reborn at Wang's Peak while Steppy and Gavment are attempting to prevent Yoxor Xxar from destroying the other Elemenstors with the added might of the Doomblade. Sotar's Furniliar is named Bom.


The creepy old-man love scene he has with Steppy was in many peoples' opinions, the least cool thing in Curse of the Doomblade.



Book 4 of The Elemenstor Cycle

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