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Soulferic Bats

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Soulferic Bats


The Soulferic Bats are a species of bat that lives in the Unlight-powered Forests of Misery. They are a great threat to any Elemenstor who might be hoping to create a Battlestaff of his own. Unlike most bats, the Soulferic bat sees not via echolocation. Their eyes are sensitive to Unlight and see using it. Their physical structure has been altered by countless years in those miserable woods, and thus their only source of nourashment is the draining of souls. Luckily for them, only a small bit of soul can sustain them for years. Unluckily for travellers, that means their numbers are very high in the forest, even without a constant source of food.

The best defense an Elemenstor might have against one of these bats is the use of Air Elemenstations. It is not unknown for Necromenstors to use their Unlight-based Necromenstations to control these bats by confusing their vision.


Their meat is the base of a delicious dish on the North area of the Northern Vale, and it is said that they were the favourite meal of Hygrad the Mighty. Some people suspect that he died in fact by Soul Indigestion, caused by the excesive consumption of those Bats.

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