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Sound: Be Gone

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Sound: Be Gone


Set Name Set Code Cards Actual Cards Release Date New Features
Sound: Be Gone n/a 178 (178) July 1993 Addition of Optional Simplified Null Resolution.
Sound: Be Gone Re-release CCG05-SBG 180 (188) June 1998 Addition of Torn Support Non-Elements and Torn Equip Non-Elements


The fifth expansion of Wizbits Elemenstor Battle.

Responsible for fleshing out some of the backstory of The Hierarchy Era, including a significant number of quotes from the Weighty Tome of Elemenstor.

The eight non-numbered cards in the set were 8 of the 100 Swords of Sepathok.

The 180 cards (188 with the 8 non-numbered Swords of Sepathok) listed here are the complete listing from the re-released Sound: Be Gone CCG expansion. The original card game expansion lacked the Bourgeois Revolution of the Lamps and the Delicate Pastry of Mouthburning.


Something funny is going on with this set because I know that Band of Men, Hardforge the Kingsguard, and Second Prophecy were all a part of it... -tim edit: perhaps the are part of a different set?

I'm pretty sure they're in Origins Genesis. That's what I have in my spreadsheet that I kept to keep track of the card lists, although I can't find the cards themselves. Kemper

Wow, a spreadsheet... that trumps my fond but hazy rememberings.. thanks! -tim



Complete Set Listing






1. Airth-fire of the Hierarchs

2. Ameliorative Frog

3. Angry Nightstand

4. Anti-Santorum




5. Barking Hatrack

6. Blast of Airth

7. Blast of Eir

8. Blast of Farth

9. Blast of Wir

10. Bourgeois Revolution of the Lamps




11. Comfortable Couch of Darkrift

12. Comfortable Squidchair

13. Cowering Ecreek

14. Cultist: Banochronation

15. Cultist: Ecreek

16. Cultist: Great Balls

17. Cultist: Hygrad the Mighty

18. Cultist: Lamp Illuminatist

19. Cultist: Nightstand

20. Cultist: Ooamp

21. Cultist: Wandering Table




22. Dance of the Ooamp

23. Darkrift Hatmaker

24. Darkrift Housing Unit

25. Darkstorm

26. Delicate Pastry of Mouthburning

27. Dim Ecreek

28. Disputatious Frog

29. Dodge that Prophecy!

30. Dogcouch

31. Dogstool




32. East Vale Stew

33. Ecreek Chronosorcellor

34. Ecreek Golem

35. Ecreek Polkapop

36. Ecreekem Battle Tune

37. Ecreekem Fingernail Ritual

38. Ecreekem Goblet of Enhanced Ur

39. Eir-fire of the Hierarchs

40. Epic Ecreek of Unensorcellability

41. Epic Mound of Paper




42. Farth-fire of the Hierarchs

43. Fireflare +5 versus Nightstands

44. Flatcrown, Lord of the Wandering Tables

Follicle, the Blade of Unusually Rapid Hair Growth - One of the 100 Swords of Sepathok. Not officially numbered.

45. The Four Vales

46. Freeroaming Furniture

47. Furnacular

48. Furnish




49. Gespechio the Floutist

50. Gespechio's Shout

51. Gespeshio the Meatfister

52. Gespeshio's Destruction of Stew

53. Gespeshio's Fury

54. Gespeshio's Meatfist

55. Gespeshio's Nap

56. Gespeshio's Salvation of the Sjkarblae

57. Gespeshio's Stew of Destruction

58. Gespeshio's Wrath

59. Get that Dogstool Out of my Garden!

60. Glimpse of the Ginormous Lack of Wanting To

61. Glimpse of the Ginormous Soul

62. Globule Vivific

Gorthanc's Sword of Stories, the You-Just-Had-To-Be-There Blade - One of the 100 Swords of Sepathok. Not officially numbered.




63. Heavily Lacquered Brownies

64. Hepgoiess the Higherlark

65. Hierarch Smackdown!

66. Holy Trinity: Paper

67. Holy Trinity: Rock

68. Holy Trinity: Scissors

69. Humor: Blood

70. Humor: Choler

71. Humor: Melancholy

72. Humor: Phlegm

73. Hygrad Junior, the Disobedient

74. Hygrad the Mighty

75. Hygrad the Mighty on Ecreek Action!

76. Hygrad the Mighty on Kryature Action!

77. Hygrad the Mighty on Ooamp Action!






78. Jiminy, Ecreek Counsellor

79. Jiminy's Bad Advice




80. Kalechio the Thousand-Armed Death Goddess

81. Kalechio's Laughter

82. Kryature on Ecreek Action!

83. Kryature Philosophe




84. Lamp Icesorcellor

85. Lamp Seer

86. Lamp Watersorcellor

87. Legend of the Ooamp

88. Linseed Oil Droplets




89. Man on Ecreek Action!

90. Marvelous Fanny Pack of Many Colors

91. Mathematical Kryature

92. Mighty Airth Man

93. Mighty Eir Sjkarblae

94. Mighty Farth Furnishing

95. Mighty Wir Kryature

96. Mine: Apostrophine

97. Mine: Epic

98. Mine: Ice

99. Mine: Rubian

100. Mine: Spacenes

101. Mine: Spica

102. Mine: Timenes

103. Mine: Voidnes

104. Minor Banochronation

105. Mondowondomicon

Morletto, the Singing Blade - One of the 100 Swords of Sepathok. Not officially numbered.

106. Morpho, Lord of Kryatures




107. Nethervale Stew

108. Netherwastes of the Ooamp

109. Nightstand on Ecreek Action!

110. North Vale Stew






Patois, the Sword of A Thousand Tongues - One of the 100 Swords of Sepathok. Not officially numbered.

Penn, the Mightier than the Sword - One of the 100 Swords of Sepathok. Not officially numbered.

111. Power Word: Behold

112. Power Word: Circumpredicate

113. Power Word: Darkstorm

114. Power Word: Darmscape

115. Power Word: Disambiguation

116. Power Word: Effulgence

117. Power Word: Krill

118. Power Word: Lethargy

119. Power Word: Men

120. Power Word: Musk

121. Power Word: Nap

122. Power Word: Rumble

123. Power Word: Spark

124. Power Word: Transmorph

125. Power Word: Unfathom

126. Power Word: Verily

127. Prophecy of Naps

128. Prophecy of Santorum

129. Prophecy of the End Times

130. Prophecy of the Flowing Vast

131. Prophecy of the Forever Road

132. Prophecy of the Swordkings

133. Prophecy of the Swordkings - Part Two

134. Prophecy of the Tehone

135. Proposal: Create Everything

136. Proposal: Destroy Everything

137. Proposal: Furniliar Gestalt

138. Proposal: Furniliar Replica

139. Proposal: How About a Million Year War?

140. Proposal: How About a Pax Hyacinth?

141. Proposal: Revolt!

142. Proposal: Splashdown!






143. Rumble in a Carriage

144. Rumble in the Jungle

145. Rumble of the Hierarchs

146. Rumble of Thunder




147. Santorum Cascade

148. Settlers of Battal

149. Shattered Ecreek

150. Shattered Kryature

151. Shattered Nightstand

152. Shattered Ooamp

153. Shrew Contemplative

154. Slump

155. South Vale Stew

156. Spear of Airth

157. Spear of Eir

158. Spear of Farth

159. Spear of Wir

160. Stubby, Prince of the Ecreekem

161. Superior Ecreekem Tenderizer




162. Teh Word

Teller, the Sword of Silent Balance to Penn - One of the 100 Swords of Sepathok. Not officially numbered.

163. Trial by Ooamp

Turf, the Sward of Adjectivity - One of the 100 Swords of Sepathok. Not officially numbered.




164. Uncomfortable Crab Recliner

165. Underarm Prophecy

166. Ur

167. Ursight

168. Ursound

169. Urtaste

170. Urtouch




171. Vale of Airth

172. Vale of Eir

173. Vale of Farth

174. Vale of Wir

Verisimilitude, the One True Sword of Complete and Utter Fallacy Regarding its Power - One of the 100 Swords of Sepathok. Not officially numbered.

175. Viscious Nightstand




176. Wafts of Ooamp

177. Weepy Song of the Sjkarblae

178. West Vale Stew

179. Wir-fire of the Hierarchs






180. Ysthargnall



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