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Spica Wars

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Spica Wars



The Spica Wars refers to the period of time between The Longest Moment in 9473 and The Sundering in 10435. This was a chaotic transitional period after the Magic Sword Kings had fallen. The Magic Sword Kingdom split against itself, Men became divided amongst themselves and eventually even Battal itself divided. It was epicasmic!


After King Ronard's line failed, the world plunged into war. During this time no one group held power; control of the land was chaotically divided between the Chronosorcellors led by Yar the Sorcerial, the Elemenstors, the shattered remains of the Magic Sword Kings, the Albrosian Alliance founded by Vaxin the Tiny, and the Ottoman Empire. It was a period of constant warfare over resources, primarially spica, but to a lesser exent Rubian, Meteoric Iron, Elemenstronium, Eyuda, and Elemenstorial Salt. Often these resources were used as currency.


In the end, Yar the Sorcerial tricked King Zonard into entering an all-out war against him. The epic struggle between them unleashed Unbelievably Potent Magical Energies, which formed an Eldritch Rift that tore the world apart. This event, known as The Sundering, marked the end of the age, and the end of the world as it was known. The world would not be made whole again for over two millenia, when Harbinger Portent, using the Starborn Gem, was to unleash the forces that would cause The Unsundering and the Century of Fire.



Timeline Events




  • 9476 - Vaxin the Tiny forms her band of adventurers/admirers and takes part in many epic exploits.


  • 9,481 - Vaxin reorganizes her motley crew into an itinerant army of roguish good intentions.






  • 9,825 - For one month all aliances dissolve and literally everyone is at war with everyone. This is know as The Smotening.




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