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Staci Starlight Novels

Page history last edited by Tim 9 years, 3 months ago

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Staci Starlight Novels

The Staci Starlight Novels, of which there were 19, were targeted at girls age 12 to 14 and were described as the ELotH take on a cross between Nancy Drew, Sailor Moon, and Star Wars. Set in the far flung future of the world of ELotH, it was quite a departure from the standard fantasy fair.


Each novel presents a mystery which the adventurous Staci Starlight inevitably gets drawn into, and which she alone is able to solve by collecting the clues and evidence that she comes by (often by chance), and usually in the process saves the day.


Staci is a 16 year old girl and the youngest Star Captain in the Eighty-Eight, the interconnected star systems of Hyper-Battal where the stories take place. Constantly underestimated by the natives of the planets she visits she almost always departs as a local folk hero, leaving a legacy on planets such as Planet Leng, Shadia World, The Yymp Asteroid, and among the Sky River Pack-Traders of the Sw'ftfl'w Nebula.


Capt Starlight is the pilot of the Harbinger One, an usual vessal that conforms to no known ship database entries of any of the cultures she encounters. Constructed of Dark Star Elemenstronium by Staci's grandfather (using precursor alien technology) he was killed on the maiden voyage, in Novel 1: Into the Void.


Over the course of several novels certain reappearing races and characters become known to the readers. The savage War Bots, the mysterious Elflight Scholars, Warp Trolls, and the fierce but sometimes lovable Laser Lizard.


Her crew consts of a Space Dwarvan science-forge officer named Gragnakus Mongaard, a grizzled old ships treasurer named Doogus Dungus, a Darvian Runeglyph Navigator named Wendy Millytopthought, and a Transchanted Warp Core Module named Var-P, the chief engineer.


The principal recurring antagonist Lord Rhaja Brannibetrayer makes his first appearance in Book 4 Who the heck is L.R.B?!?, and continues to appear at least every 2 novels thereafter until the end of the series. Also of note is Gavment Lightwave, The Dark Moon Knight, the potential love interest, who doesn't seem to realize that Staci exists when he's not saving her from a horde of Mechani-Khith.


Wendy Millytopthought leaves the crew in Book 10: A Parting Friend when she finds love in the Terle System. Staci loses her closest friend and sounding board and the Runeglyph Navigator replacement that she picks up at Griffled Duckstar Station, a Ssskssenekdian named Bellyache Marpod, is a poor replacement.


The Novels

  • Novel 1: Into the Void
  • Novel 2
  • Novel 3
  • Novel 4: Who the heck is L.R.B?!?
  • Novel 5
  • Novel 6: The Mysterious Cheese
  • Novel 7: Wildpack Eighty-Eight
  • Novel 8
  • Novel 9: Warp Cores and First Kisses
  • Novel 10: A Parting Friend
  • Novel 11: Space Underdogs
  • Novel 12
  • Novel 13
  • Novel 14: The Sorcerer Beyond the Stars
  • Novel 15
  • Novel 16
  • Novel 17: The Savage Brutality of the War Bots
  • Novel 18
  • Novel 19



Being that this book series took place well after year 40,000 (TE), those that believe in the rumored Fourteenth Manuscript* had trouble accepting this series as canon, despite the fact there there is no conflicting material within canon or even fan fiction.

Another possible reason that the series has not been more widely embraced by the ELotH:TES community is that the novels fall well outside the target demographic for most of the rest of the series.



Tim I've made the terms here bold instead of links because I assume that we don't want to fill the wiki with sci-fi battal jargon. If anybody thinks we should flesh out this entry any more, feel free to change it.
Jute Mill I remember those books... I was always waiting to see if they'd go full-bore crazy sci-fi/magic... but nein, all we got was pluck and hilariously obvious mystery (except that one in Book 6, man, that was worth sitting through all the others). Stupid 12-to-14-year-old-girls'-mystery-market!
Tim Yeah, that's what I was hoping for as well, but only Book 14: The Sorcerer Beyond the Stars really even went in that direction at all.
Jute Mill Yeah... and then when they finally went in that direction, they went a little TOO batshit insane. O the seesaw of quality. I blame Mountain Dew Epic Black.
Unguided I remember this junk, I was tricked into reading it after some fan made a Staci Starlight themed Total Conversion for Escape Velocity.


* The Fourteenth Manuscript purportedly ends the time line with the End of All Years


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