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Starborn Gem

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The Starborn Gem


The most powerful artifact in the universe, and its impact on Battal.


The Anvil and its Splinter


Forged by the Hierarchs out of the souls of a lost paradise, the Oculus Omnipotens was indeed a marvelous artifact, seemingly sentient in being and quite intelligent. The strange, ancient language of the stars pulsated across the ruby-red jewel, and its magik force so incredible as to drive those not powerful enough to look upon its twenty external faces completely insane. The very shape of the jewel is indescribable, as its very form is dependant on the angle from which the viewer looks at it.


The Oculus Omnipotens contained a great deal of knowledge (possibly infinite), attained through its previous travels throughout the universe. However, there was a single entity within the gem that did not believe this collection of knowledge to be logically -- and morally -- correct. Aklom Reklats, one of many Facets within the Oculus Omnipotens, argued that it was "unfair to withhold so much knowledge from the world, when it is the right of all to receive knowledge". This did not go well with Reklats' brethren, known as the Starchildren, and thus Reklats was expelled from the jewel. Reklats would never again see the twenty faces of the Oculus Omnipotens.


Discovery and Reinvention


The Oculus Omnipotens continued to withhold knowledge from the universe. In fact, to the one who allegedly uncovered it first in the Unothath Desert, the Harbinger Portent, it gave only a fraction of its wisdom. To Portent, the Starborn Gem, as it came to be called, gave the knowledge of High Elemenstation, a force that the great Harbinger felt was the strongest he had ever seen in his life. Little did he know, however, that this power was far from the greatest that the Starborn Gem had to offer -- and thus, the Harbinger was content with what he had, and proceeded to use his newfound knowledge for his own means.


With his newly acquired gem, which Harbinger Portent crafted onto the top of his Elemenstave, Harbinger Portent invoked the power to transform inanimate objects into incarnations of small fractions of the Starborn Gem's power. An example of this was Portent's student, Char Reyarteb's, staff's transformation into a large serpent. After Reyarteb fell to evil and smote his teacher, Portent's relatively strong connection to the Starborn Gem allowed him to revive life within The Shield and The Sickle.


Pawns and Knights


The Starborn Gem's last usage was by Char Reyarteb in 17,910, who used its energies to rid himself of his mortal coil and create -- from what he thought was a barren excuse for a world -- a completely new realm for his liking. The Starborn Gem offered its unknowing pawn legions of soldiers to conquer the world in exchange for Reyarteb's total obedience, and thus began the reign of Reyarteb -- and further up, the domination of the Starborn Gem over all of Battal.


When Reyarteb was defeated at the Battle of the Rebuilt Kingdom by four teenagers with unprecedented power granted to them by Aklom Reklats and The Ocumen, however, the now-heavily damaged Starborn Gem found solace within the very depths of Battal's earth. To the present, the Gem lies, waiting until it can find another, perhaps more powerful, candidate for its ultimate goal: the absorption of all knowledge, and thus power, within Battal -- and the many worlds beyond.


Makeup of the Starborn Gem


Though nobody really understands what the Starborn Gem is made of, considering that it was the Hierarchs who forged it, authorities on the subject generally believe that the Starborn Gem contains at least one entity, or Facet, for each Elemanifestation ever thought or created possible; for instance, Aklom Reklats was the Facet of Justice and Fairness. Authorities also believe that through its travels throughout the universe until finally reaching Battal, the Starborn Gem was able to generate a huge amount of energy that made it somehow able to absorb the thoughts and knowledge of its bearers -- thus explaining why it was able to move by itself around Battal after the fall of Char Reyarteb. This energy apparently also allows the Starborn Gem to garner some influence over its bearers, although evidence is little due to the fact that no bearer of the Starborn Gem is still alive in the present, and the Starborn Gem would probably have influenced its bearers anyway, ruining such an experiment.


Studies are currently impossible due to the unknown wherabouts of the Starborn Gem.


The Starborn Gem in Pop Culture


- The wildly popular 1990's-era rock band, The Octoberists, were secretly Elemenstor Saga fans, showing their passion through a single song that went on to top the Washboard 600 called Starborn Fever. Starborn Fever contained practically the entire history of the Starborn Gem, and when played backwards, one could hear The Octoberists singing a tango about Elemenstation. Though nearly nobody knew what the song meant, it had an extremely catchy tune, and therefore became one of the most popular songs in the Washboard 600's history, staying at the top for six years.


- The famous Starborn Diamond, owned by Whitney Shears, is named after the Starborn Gem. Though the pop singer would never admit it herself, she admitted it during a drunken tirade filled with references to The Elemenstor Saga and what she would do with a few characters on her mattress. Since then, Shears has exiled herself to a remote island.


Miscellaneous Information


- It is believed by many that the killer of the famed creator of The Shoe Masterpiece's evidence clerk for the theft of the piece, John Dolan, was in fact the Starborn Gem.

- It should be noted that Aklom Reklats still exists as the most powerful holder of the remainder of the Starborn Gem's power, although Reklats is unaware of it.

- Externally the Starborn Gem posesses twenty faces, but from the inside it apparently has thousands of faces, given that there is supposedly one facet for each of the Elemanifestations.

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