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The sword wielded by Vander Eyemless. He used it to slay the nineteen legendary Ginormo, which while impressive, problably wasn't that good of an idea because it freed Belchazar. Of course, his girlfriend was also ressurected, which I guess makes everything OK.


For centuries, it was thought that the Stonecleaver must have amazing magical powers to let a tiny, near-naked man to slaughter living mountains.


Actually, it just glows. And it won't glow in the dark, either. It will only glow in sunlight, so faintly it is barely noticable to anybody with perfect eyesight.


Vander Eyemless may have been a jerk who ended up causing the death of 50% of the population, but most people are willing to forgive him because now they've realzed that he had to have been 100% badass.

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