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Stream is to the inanimate what Life is to the animate. Life's defining characteristic, whether you call it the soul, essence, or chi, is that it makes plants and animals go. Likewise, Stream makes things go. It's the certain indefinable something that makes Ambulatory Dressers ambulate. It's not the way you wear your hat, but rather, the way your hat is worn (see also: how tea gets sipped). Its symbol in the CCG is the Ball-Claw.


is the ancient character the Hierarchs used for writing the word Stream.




Stream is usually colorless, but in the hands of a capable Elemenstor, the channeling of this Element can manifest as a white glow. Elemenstors who master the Stream Element often develop powers akin to levitation, telekinesis, and other powers that aide in the physical manipulation of matter. Stream is also useful in repairing damaged innanmiate material, and in temporarily creating solid inorganic matter out of nothing. While Stream Elemenstation is not required for the use or creation of Enchanted Items, it does help quite a bit.


There is some concern about using Stream on things which have, or had, life. After a particularly nasty incident involving The Salami Of Shenda it was agreed to severely regulate this use of Stream in the Genoa Convention.


The Elemanifestations most commonly used are Vortivores, who though small and nearly translucent, exert powerful effects on the matter around them, depending on the shape and mood of the Vortivore. Stream Elemenstors often control powerful Furniliars, favoring forms that lend themselves to the Elemenstor's unique talents. For instance, Edwin of Historic Girth's Giant Lead Jenga Furniliar is one of the most revered (and feared) Furniliars in the long history of Battal.


A Stream Elemenstor is known as a Brickabracker.


Stream gears are almost all oriented towards day-to-day life - there are gears which can be used as memos, varnish, or paint. If a Stream Elemenstor does find himself in a fight, he invariably relies on gears that enhance his Furniliar and lets his wooden friend do the fighting.


Goshan Sem'wan the Iconoclast


Goshan Sem'wan had suggested it was possible to reach the Highest Plane of the Elmether by channelling Stream Elemanifestations to eliminate the shackles of the the Life element and convert oneself into a stream of white light. As such an entity, Sem'wan believed you could travel effortlessly through the planes of Elmether. The High Elmenstors thought that Sem'wan was a "crackpot" and a "whiny little bitch". Feeling that travelling through the Elmether Planes was not as the Hierarchs had intended, and Sem'wan was executed. It is said he left a following after his martyrdom, however it is also said that few admit to holding such Semonian beliefs for fear of suffering a similar fate as Goshan.


The First Brickabracker

Tycho Brahe's first Stream elemenstor did not appear until Book 7. In that book we see the Elemenstor Vykre Tithitheringtok use the determination attributes of Stream to move the Boulder of Fastened Position to trap the Eastern Caverns of the Valedaleglenhill Mines. Up until this point it was believed by fans that Stream was not an element one could use in Elemenstoring. In fact, "Stream is not an element one can use is Elemenstoring" is a direct quote from an ELotH:TES RPG source book published well before Book 7. The tidalwave of new supplements and second editions to core source books is well remembered by fans as the "Stream Revision." Additionally, rare source books from before this revision (recalled and destroyed by Realmworlds Publishing) sell for quite a pretty penny on Ebay.



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