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Style Guidelines

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Style Guidelines


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(Put newer entries at the top.)


Handy hint ...


"It's good form to put a line break after a line of dialogue, isn't it?"


"Why, yes it is! You can do this within the one 'white boxy thing' by using a break and then a space. If you don't do this, it makes a bunch of white boxes, one for each line. Go to 'edit' and highlight this conversation if you don't know what I mean. There is a space at the head of each line break."


"Wow, how informative! Now my excerpts will be easier to read, and look like the real thing!"




When referencing a year, I've been using this convention: the word "year", followed by the number (with a comma), followed by the abbreviation for the era as a link in parenthesis. An example would be: "King Ronard was born in year 0 (TMSK), not, in fact, year 40,120 (TE)." This seems nice because it give you an idea of the era, as well as giving you a quick way to link all the way back to the timeline.


While the lists of gears and spells are still largely empty, I'd like to propose a standard format for the individual entries. I've given an example of this format in my entry for Carry On. While one of the headings only applies to Sensoared gears, I think the general idea is present. I'm not entirely certain about the table at the top, though, so anyone who wants to help modify the style a bit before we actually made a "template" or anything, please do. -Shadowtext


Try to be consistent people. If you're writing an entry for one of the 100 Swords of Sepathok, and approximately 70 of the entries start with "Back to the 100 Swords of Sepathok" followed by a heading with the swords' name, don't write up a new page lacking both a link back to the list and a heading. It's just sloppy. -TychoCelchuuu


A question about headings. I sometimes see headings that go "Exclamation mark, space, word." I've been doing them "Exclamation mark, word." Is either right or wrong? -TychoCelchuuu


Headings preceded by a single exclaimation point are the HTML equivalent of H1's, and should therefore be used only once, at the top of the page. (at least in theory)


I've been adding breadcrumbs to what pages I can, so a lot of the left-column stuff now links back to the previous category. But there are always some pages being edited, so it's going to be inconsistent for awhile.


Don't be afraid to use headings. They can help make articles that cover many different aspects of something a lot easier to read.


Should book titles be underlined or italicized? Italics make more sense to me--you can't inadvertantly confuse them with links. - themadpoet The general style is to italicize book titles, I believe -TychoCelchuuu


I'll start. First suggestion I can make are "back" buttons to the previous category. They are done well in the Cycle section but perhaps we should add them to others. Just cut and paste, people.


In order to dilineate excerpts from the novels as such, please use the white box by putting a white space at the beginning of every line of the excerpt. Example below...


"At last! No power in Battal can stop me now!" - Char Reyarteb - The Wizbits Graphic Novel: Plane of Destruction, Issue 3 pg. 26


I've noticed a lot of differences between this wiki and things like wikipedia/mediawiki/Spring Wiki [http://taspring.clan-sy.com/wiki] which is odd, because I thought wiki was some kind of standard... anyways... does anyone know how to get to the "Special Pages" like "Most Wanted Pages" (pages that are linked to without existing), "Dead End Pages" (pages that don't link to places)... also we might (if this wiki supports it) want to make up some categories and templates and such... making episode summaries a category and a template so you can do the next/previouse think with them... but I don't know how exactly to do that myself. -Sinbad_EV


Sometimes salt is just salt. Not everything in Battal is completely alien. if some character "went to the bathroom" then "going to the bathroom" doesn't need to be a link if its just what you might expect. If somebody has a "blue" hat, "blue" doesn't need to be a link unless "blue" specifically has a special meaning in battal that makes it not intuitively obvious to the reader (it doesn't).. and even if it does, the article should stand by itself to draw meaning from the sentance without having to follow the link. For instance.. if blue in battal were what everybody called red.. don't say the hat was "blue" and make that a link.. say it was "what people in battal call blue", and then include a link.. there's lots of broken links around the wiki to things that really are only referenced on a single obscure page and never filled in because people don't go around defining that blue is a color, septic is something related to sewers and salt is something that makes things salty. This isn't wikipedia and so you shouldn't expect there to be links for straightforward things that people with a grasp of english should be able to understand the meaning of from reading the article.

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