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Sw'ftfl'woots, denizens of the Sw'ftfl'w River, are refugees from a long destroyed society. Reduced to picking over the river for precious metals and Gem Flecks, the Sw'ftfl'woots' meager living is partially ameliorated every seventh year by a Sw'ftfl'wootswap, a gigantic gather of disparate Sw'ftfl'woot from all across the Sw'ftfl'w River. During the Sw'ftfl'wootswap, the most precious of finds are exchanged in an effort to keep the clans from drifting apart, both figuratively and literally since without precious metals the Sw'ftfl'woots are unable to anchor their shoddily-made boats in the tumultuous Sw'ftfl'w River. To collect treasures from the Sw'ftfl'w River, Sw'ftfl'woots use handcrafted Sw'ftfl nets. The dream of every Sw'ftfl'woot is to happen upon R'll'b'gsw'd, the legendary weapon that was lost in the Sw'ftfl'w River during the C'nf's'ng Trade Dispute.




Physical Description

The Sw'ftfl'woots are identical to the K'thians in every physical aspect, except that their fur is blue instead of green, and there is a more pronounced webbing between their fingers and toes.




Historical Exploits

The Sw'ftfl'woots were the target of an extermination plot by Lord Vhadxi in 897 MSKP, and his Vampyric followers nearly succeeded, but in his haste to proceed with other plans, Vhadxi dammed up the Sw'ftfl'w to create Adhnaten Lake. The river ran nearly dry south of the dam, and there in the riverbed lay R'll'b'gsw'd. In Sw'ftfl'woot legend, it was B'llbr'dsk', mightiest of Sw'ftfl'woots, who took up the legendary blade. With a mighty whoop, he assembled the Sw'ftfl'woots from both banks, stormed the dam, overthrew its Vampyric owners, and smote the dam to the ground with a mighty blow. (Note: It is on this point that most choose to believe that the Sw'ftfl'woots are emebellishing their past. It is well-documented in Vampyric Tomes that the dam burnt down when one of the night guards left their incense burning one evening.) B'llbr'dsk' then threw R'll'b'g'sw'd back into the glinting river as show of his thanks for the deliverence of his people. In another telling of the tale, B'llbr'dsk' ate the sword and shot lightning from his nostrils for a month.


Another of the most famous of Sw'ftfl'woots is S'yrf'yl the Immortal, although only a small number of Sw'ftfl'woots approve of him.


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