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The Elemental Wheel


The Wheel is the symbol for Elemenstation. It was featured in cover art on some editions of the Elemenstor Saga books, as well as the back of the CCG cards.


The wheel was designed to show the individual symbols of each element in relation to each other, according to Wheel Theory. Early theorists took the geometry of the wheel literally, and used it to extrapolate meaning of the relationship between the elements. This theory was later replaced by the popular Web Theory, but the symbol itself was retained, since it looked so darn cool. An alternate, more accurate model for such relations is the controversial octahedric hyperprism hypothesis. Be warned, the octahedric hyperprism hypothesis contains discussion of The Unspeakable that is unsafe for any sane eyes.


Ice Elemenstors use a modified symbol, since the traditional Wheel excludes Ice.




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