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T-Shirt Discussion

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ELotH:TES T-Shirts for Child's Play

Note: to clarify, these are not t-shirts for children. Should they be made, they will be limited edition t-shirts for the fans of ELOTH, to be auctioned on E-Bay. The proceeds from their sale after printing and shipping will be entirely donated to Child's Play. -toshi.m


Proposed designs

\"Tell Me Of Elemenstoring, Dogus...\"




Ready For Epicness!


New comments go on top, peas.


Thanks everyone for the support and contributions behind the "Ready for Epicness" shirts. You've probably seen elsewhere on the site by now, but we got $300 in profits and sent it to CP.

If you ordered a shirt and have not told us what fan handle you want (if any) OR not told us your shirt size, please send that info soon so we can order the shirts! We don't want to keep people waiting longer than we already have to. :)

The next question is, of course... How do we do the next line of shirts? ;) --R.S.


What's this? A series of eBay auctions? For t-shirts? Hot diggity!
I love the image.. but am definately digging the one-color more than the four color. Any chance that would be available? -tim
We might -- depends on how things go with the initial run. And it's very possible we'll run the other designs, and others as yet unseen. I just wanted to make sure at least one design got up in time for bidding to support CP. --R.S.
Where did they go? They...they aren't there any more! Were they taken down? What happened? ~patkelly
Hi pat, worry not. eBay was giving us a hassle for some reason; check out this page for solid links to the shirts. Best of luck! --R.S.
Wonderful. Thanks for clearing that up. ~patkelly


Good thinking, Talisein! And very sportspersonlike of you, since I know it is your intent to march in triumph with one of these babies.

This is exciting! :D Forgive me for getting geeked about our wonderful community of fandom, and my chance to do a part. Surely at some point in our lives, all we ELotH:TES fans feel that unquenchable joy of fandom. --R.S.

Be sure to e-mail Tycho & Gabe so they can mention it on the Monday update. That way the bidding will be as Epic as the shirt. :) - Talisein
Sorry to spam this page with updates, but check it -- I like the sound of royal purple. A limited number of these shirts will go up on eBay at midnight EST tonight. Best part of the shirt -- when you win the auction, give us your fan handle and we'll have it printed on the back of the shirt across the shoulders. Your victory will be immortal, and your contribution to CP never forgotten! --R.S.
Have a look at this colored design, fellows. If you like it, we'll go with the multi-color, since bidding will very definitely cover the marginal additional print costs. And these suckers gotta look good. --R.S.
Royal Purple anyone? I mean, remember: EPIC. But I will buy outbid regardless of color. For, you know, the kids. - Talisein
Well actually I'm fresh out of cocaine, I've got some excellent Viagrium Shrub though. I was just thinking that it'd look best as a white design on dark blue. - saintb
So wait... I send you shirts, you send me coke? To use a new-fangled parlance, ?_?

It certainly does not have to be yellow. We have many color options. Any combo of shirt sizes, but only one color for all, sadly. Any outstanding votes, or should I put up other demos? --R.S.

Don't you mean free shirts? HMMMMMMMM? *WINK WINK* COCAINE. - saintb
I really like the design, but I agree with saintb that the color is a bit much. Personally, I just don't like yellow shirts. But if yellow is what we have, then yellow is what I'll buy. And I can't see why we *wouldn't* let the price bid up. It's primarily for charity, *not* to get us cheap shirts. The time for that will be later. -patkelly
The color is great. When I'm at PAX, everybody will know how cool I am. I'd say set the reserve at $25 and see where it goes. - Talisein
The color is a little kinda glaring, but I really like it anyways. I'd only go with the buy it now if there were a significant amount of shirts, but if there's thirty, bid up would probably help most. Great work though. - saintb
Okay, kids -- check out the "Epicness!" shirt preview. This is a blowed-up view of the final drawing.

I can order 30 of these from the printer at $7.28 a pop. I figure if I post them on eBay with a "buy it now" option of $25 for each, that's $17.72 per shirt going to Child's Play. That's $531.60 from ELOTHTES fans!

How's that sound? Too little to ask for, too much? Should we let the price bid up instead of offering "buy it now?" Should we offer more shirts?

Does anyone hate the color? --R.S.

Beautiful. And the crystals better come back, mmm hmm. -patkelly
Epicness continues.

The crystals around the hat will make a comeback in the next and probably final draft. --R.S.

Whatever you do is fine, man. Just make sure it's Epic. Or else. - saintb
I wouldn't want to make Epicness look too retro for just that reason, saintb. But I was planning on doing it in two-colors (if we settle on that for a choice), mostly for a cost/quality reason in the printing. --R.S.
Just make sure that the Epicness one doesn't look too retro, because as stupid as this may sound- I don't want people to think I picked it up at American Eagle. That would be a bit much. -saintb
I would buy these with much gleeness. I do like the idea of coloring them, but Ready For Epicness might be better in B&W for that hip retro feel. A colorful Wizbits shirt would be a huge hit I think.- Talisein
I would pay actual money for any of these, although I personally prefer the Dogus one, since it's got the most Elemenstor-specific text. I would also propose a shirt for lovers of the cartoon with "Let's kick it into overgear!" as the catchphrase. - Montykins
I really like the image, though... Maybe we can make this a scene of Dogus in a different bar? If he gets oldified, I guess. I didn't realize he was that old.

Knighten, the shirts aren't necessarily for the kids at CP, but for we proud fans. Proceeds from the shirts will go to CP after whatever method we use to sell them. Auction? Online store? We'll might start with a limited number and ask people to bid, since it is for charity. --R.S.

I know the Dogus scene isn't precisely how it was presented in the book, but I tried and failed to draw them in a bed, sooo... ^_^ I guess Dogus does look pretty young here, but he can be aged. And the final departure from canon is due to the fact that it's simply funnier if she's stealing his purse. Heh. I should know better than to try to get one over on such a dedicated community. -toshi.m
I like these very much. But if they are for children I would suggest some more Wizbits stuff, spewing their catch-phrases. Look up the quotable quotes section for some good examples. Still love these though. I would wear all three of these shirts. P.S. That first scene does take place in a bed and he is much older. Also she worships him, she wouldn't be stealing money off him.--knighten
I like it, but it's entirely inappropriate for Child's Play. Still prefer Ready for Epicness, as I think it fits the overall feel of elothtes better. Still, if we were making several shirts, this would be my No. 2 design. --patkelly
That's an absolutely beautiful picture. I'd write "What Would Ronard Do" over it and under it "He would smite people with his Very Large But Unenchanted Spikey Hammer, then partake of ale and wenches." just so there's no confusion. Beautiful sketch though. -TychoCelchuuu
I liked the idea so much I just had to sketch it. And that turned into drawing it, so there we are. It's a very lowres pic, though -- and is it really appropriate for the cause? Eh. --R.S.


Jeez my plate's rather full right now. Maybe after scanning my character sheets from the Pen and Paper RPG I can get some designs up. I'm thinking something that's stylish, and at the same time, easily recognizeable as elothtes. -TychoCelchuuu
Aaah! There's a thought... --R.S.
Needs a "WWRD? design" - Luggage
I'd buy it. Color it, stick the ELOTHTES logo on the back, and we're golden. Or that's my current opinion, at least. I should add, by the way, that as a rule I do not purchase T-shirts. This would be a most gleefully-bought exception. ~patkelly
Just added "Ready for Epicness!" sketch design. A rough draft; if the concept is appealing, it can be developed. Missing details: imagine this elemenstor with about twenty more pounds of bling, much gnobblier staff. The idea of being Ready for Epicness is in part having way more stuff than you can reasonably carry. --R.S.
TychoCelchuu is right. See the Book 6 excerpt for that whole story. But it's a good design nonetheless. - patkelly
I thought Dogus was old. And I thought that scene took place in a bed. Otherwise good. --TychoCelchuuu
Here is a design I propose- there are a couple of bits that need to be tweaked, font for example, but I wanted to get it up here tonight. -toshi.m
I, too, would be happy to buy a shirt from Gabe. I'm hoping we can put together some good fan-offerings, though. The man might make one later 'cuz he wanted to, like we did.

Watch this space for some forthcoming designs & ideas! If we stir enough interest we'll look into production. --R.S.

If we got an original cell, well, I'm pretty sure Gabe's got the only art I know about. And if Gabe Almighty decides to make an ELOTH:TES T-Shirt, it will sell a bit more than ten copies. I would advise perhaps a quote, witticism, reference, or some such on the front, with Lucres' excellent ELOTH:TES logo on the back. -patkelly
New thoughts on this thread. :) np --R.S.
I suppose a shirt with a original cel from the cartoon would be a no-brainer, maybe one for each character. Maybe with ELOTH:TES logo on the back. Meh. edit: This is a dumb question. When you say comments, do you mean new threads of thought or adds to this particular one? Sorry, still a nub. -saintb
Hey, Gang. R.Smith here with toshi.m.

So, we're mighty interested in getting some honest-to-goodness fan-made merchandise out to the fans who desperately need some. But we want to make it benefit Child's Play, see.

If we theoretically put up around 30 shirts, 3 designs and 10 of each, for auction on eBay and put all the proceeds to Child's Play, would anyone be interested?

Think about it -- it would be a fun way to get a tangible piece of your childhood in a size you can still wear, made by fellow fans, and for a good cause.

Interest, ideas, anyone?

Comments (25)

Anonymous said

at 7:01 pm on Dec 14, 2005

"Since it is usually my presumption that things will go terribly awry, off the rails so to speak, possibly off a cliff to be submerged in lava, whenever I hear about a fan project - pure of heart, as I said, done only in reverence - I try to avoid mentioning it. I hate that, but if the powers that be can pinpoint a single S&M Strawberry Shortcake amongst the high-grown wilds of Interspace, I don't want to be the one to instigate a good and proper foxing." -- Tycho, Penny Arcade from 12/14/05.

Is this a coded explanation for why PA hasn't mentioned the shirts, or am I hallucinating? :\ I've hallucinated before. It's entirely possible.

Anonymous said

at 7:04 pm on Dec 14, 2005

It's possible to take it that way (I was certainly worried when I read it), but I think he makes it pretty clear immediately after that he's talking about other things. And besides, we're not exactly at risk for getting 'foxed'; the only one who could possibly be said to own ELotH are Tycho and Gabe, and it seems fairly clear they don't intend to sue over the shirts.

Anonymous said

at 7:11 pm on Dec 14, 2005

Ja. Those things did occur to me -- who would fox us? Possibly some irate member of fandom who feels he wasn't given due? That's why I picked a rather ambiguous design, though, that fit the spirit of Epicness.<br/>
All the same, even though they must be crazy busy with CP and the gala dinner's aftermath, I wish I knew why the monolith hasn't spoken.<br/> (Did my tag experiment work? There should be a breakline.)

Anonymous said

at 7:12 pm on Dec 14, 2005

Foiled again by formatting!

Anonymous said

at 7:15 pm on Dec 14, 2005

Yeah, it is slightly upsetting. Some of the shirts don't even have bids out on them yet.

Anonymous said

at 7:23 pm on Dec 14, 2005

Speaking of which; what do we do if all the shirts in this batch don't sell? Have they been printed yet (in which case we'd have to do something with the extras) or are they going to be printed after the auctions? I hate to sound pestimistic, but if we don't get any coverage it seems that this will pretty much be 'it' for the bids we're getting.

Anonymous said

at 7:26 pm on Dec 14, 2005

That's basically what has me wondering. I know they aren't obliged to do a thing just because we decided independently to make some noise over here. But I don't know why they wouldn't, and wouldn't want to, give a boost to a project which is clearly the outgrowth of many projects of their own. They've been emailed about it a few times already.

Anonymous said

at 7:29 pm on Dec 14, 2005

Don't worry Charmy, I've been doing all sorts of worrying like that. (It's wise to consider, not pessimistic.) The shirts have not yet been printed, because we need the sizes of the buyers. But if we don't sell at least 12 we have no hope of breaking even. As it is, assuming we sell 12, we'll have to slash something about the shirt quality to get any money to send to CP. I hasten to add that this would be a miscalculation on my part, and that I should've set a lower price/offered a different number or quality of shirts. But more exposure wouldn't hurt, ja?

Anonymous said

at 8:23 pm on Dec 14, 2005

12 shirts will sell, this I foresee.

Anonymous said

at 9:58 pm on Dec 14, 2005

WOO! All faith restored, all dislikes banished like a bad dream. Wanged we have been. Victory is surely ours!

Anonymous said

at 1:33 am on Dec 15, 2005

What a happy turn of events. Fourteen shirts bid on. And I wouldn't be surprised if we got a few more. Victory indeed.

Anonymous said

at 5:50 am on Dec 15, 2005

awesomeness. *^_^* I....I want one. T_T But I am a poor college student who can barely afford gas. Me thinks it is time to hit up the parents. (So mom, dad, you really want to get me this for Christmas, right? Right? Right???)

Anonymous said

at 6:47 am on Dec 15, 2005

That oughta do it. There are some not yet bid upon, but it's hard to tell how many will be left on Monday. I expect the tide will gradually ebb, and you'll get your chance. ;D

Anonymous said

at 10:20 pm on Dec 15, 2005

Holy crow, there's a bid of $51? There's still shirts not bid on and someone bid $51! Even if there are some left on Monday, it isn't going to matter. The high bids on a bunch of the other shirts will cover it. This is, I think, a surprising level of success.

Anonymous said

at 10:53 pm on Dec 15, 2005

Agreed. Right now, at the number of shirts sold and the total money to be paid, 50% of what we earn is going straight to child's play in the form of $285. And that's not even considering the other shirts yet unbought and the possibility of last-minute bids!

Anonymous said

at 10:54 pm on Dec 15, 2005

Why does it say 5 there? Oh! The dollar sign?

285 bucks is what it should say.

Anonymous said

at 5:53 am on Dec 17, 2005

I'm quite pleased with how that first batch went. I think it's safe to say that it exceeded expectations. Best of luck with the next round, then?

Anonymous said

at 6:37 am on Dec 17, 2005

It definitely exceeded expectations! Thankya, Charmy. :) Even if no more bidding goes on these next shirts, we should be able to send about $330 to CP now. That's the current tally.

Anonymous said

at 6:37 am on Dec 17, 2005

Gah! Dang dollar signs. 330 bucks, not 0. That would be horrible.

Anonymous said

at 10:43 pm on Dec 19, 2005

I win!

Anonymous said

at 12:22 am on Dec 20, 2005

Congratulations! :P So, the auctions are finished. What's the final haul?

Anonymous said

at 8:09 pm on Dec 20, 2005

Finding that out currently. *drumroll*

Anonymous said

at 9:16 pm on Dec 20, 2005

$300! Mission accomplished! The money has been loaded in the money cannon and fired at Child's Play. Take that, sick children in need of entertainment!

Anonymous said

at 9:17 pm on Dec 20, 2005

God, I hate this thing. It's 300 dollars, not zero. I sound like a monster.

Anonymous said

at 9:17 pm on Dec 20, 2005

But in all seriousness, I'm proud of everyone for contributing to this and of all the buyers for having taken up the idea and been willing to bid. Woooo!

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