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Temple on the Mountain

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Temple of the Mountain

The Temple of Ghonesy is said to lie somewhere recessed deep into the ice/fire of Mount Windice. It is said that Shezdor placed the Other Blade inside the Temple for safekeeping while he went to the grocery in the year 17,124. Later, he he was unable to locate the temple again. It still counted though, with the whole 100 Swords thing because he did find it at one point, even though he proceeded to lose it because of being busy with his other errands.


Since the Other Blade was lost, there have been at least half a dozen trips to Mount Windice for whatever reason, but geez, it's cold/hot up there. I don't blame them for not coming back with the sword, but it still is a little shameful. I mean, what do you tell people when you undertake an Epic Quest and then don't come back with anything?

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