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Temporal Elemenstation

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Temporal Elemenstation


The forbidden art of using Elemenstation to alter the fabric of time itself. Proper use of this power allows its user to travel through time while circumventing paradox and alternate universes, actually allowing them to alter history to shape the future as they see fit. Improper use of this, as demonstrated by Extemporary Feculence, can result in the user being trapped between time as little more than a floating head (see Wizbits Extreme).


The art of Temporal Elemenstation was sealed ages ago by King Ronard, the first of the Magic Sword Kings. It was released by Extemporary Feculence and the resulting disturbance rewrote time and allowed the events of Wizbits Extreme to take place, as the events of the original Wizbits were but his dream. This resulted in very little difference to the timestream, as the end result was the same, only it was Feculence, and not Harbinger Portent, who guided The Wizbits on their quest to destroy Char Reyarteb and MooMaa.


Temporal Elemenstation's independence of timesorc'ley is an oft debated subject by fans, and there are indications within the books that could be interpreted either way. Some say that the two terms are synonymous, while others maintain that they are two seperate things. Temporal Elmenstration was often used in the TV show, card game, and other derivative works to get around percieved limitations of timesorc'ley and banachronation.

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