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The Amazing Wandering Through and Picking of Wildflowers

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The Amazing Wandering Through and Picking of Wildflowers

(-31,831 The Age of Whimpering)


An amazing journey made by the Tyrant of Shulk after being flung back in time during the Battle of Freedom's Peril. The Tyrant before the trip was a monstrously evil being of considerable power. However after the trip the Tyrant's personality shifted 180 degrees. Instead of being an unstoppable monster of unspeakably evil power, the Tyrant became a peaceful, loving creature which enjoyed gallivanting through fields picking flowers. Finding himself in the Wildlands the Tyrant preceded to do just that. This epic frolic through the abundant and somewhat bizarre fields of the Wildlands was cut short as the Tyrant trampled through a town of Men during his cavorting. The Men quickly descended on the Tyrant and slew the great monster, who did not fight back as he was too absorbed in picking flowers. Shortly after this the Men used the body of the Tyrant to complete The Ritual of Brain'age, thought to be given to them by Ulythyan, Friend of Men, and increased their intelligence.


This entire incident is recorded by Osslah Herbov in his book Chancy but True! Happenings.

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