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The Beret of Superior Strength

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The Beret of Superior Strength


One of the hats made by Thomas Warding.


A popular hat, as several hundred of them were made and sold during Warding's life. Now wait, you may say, this seems like it is in violation of some of the Item Laws, particularly Law 3. But Warding had a clever plan to get around the Item Law Makers Guild: Berets of Superior Strength are not in fact magical, and the Item Laws only apply to magical items.


The "of Superior Strength" title actually refers to the hat itself in that it is very durable and resistant to tearing because of the thickness of the cloth used. The beret is traditionally red, but other Hatsmiths created berets of other colors which they called "The Beret of Superior Strength" (including Thomas's apprentice Theodore Virginia who was particularly fond of green).

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