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The Bright Red Bowler of Grothondogrim

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The Bright Red Bowler of Grothondogrim

Three words describe the Bright Red Bowler of Grothondogrim:


  • Jaunty
  • Fashionable
  • Slightly "off", if you know what I mean


Perhaps one of the most treasured artifacts in the Grothondogrim Academy (Museum and Gift Shop). Most believe it was worn by warmaster Gron Hammersmith during his frequent (and highly secret, for the time) shoe shopping excursions. An object of abject curiosity to the denizens of Grothondogrim, as it's one of the few personal belongings remaining of the only warmaster not to father a large number (or any, for that matter) of children.

Mentioning this fact usually provokes a thoughtful expression and the observation: "Funny, that."

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