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The Brotherhood of the Unliquid Water

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The Brotherhood of the Unliquid Water


The Brotherhood of the Unliquid Water, named for the fact that their three charter members were all brothers, is still a bit of a misnomer. Resc Vored had three brothers, Linkle Dormat had a brother and two sisters, and K'Din A'postra'e had eight sisters and a small footstool that the family fondly referred to as Lil' Footstool, often with male pronouns. None of the three members were actually related in any way.


While Lil' Footstool and Resc would seperately lead paths to glory and wide renown, not much is known of the other two charter members of Brotherhood of the Unliquid Water. Dedicated to their craft of Unliquiding, their only known exploit was of a historical trek through the deserts of Cattin, where they stumbled upon a grand oasis. The diary, found on Linkle's desicated remains, notes that they planned to harness their power and unliquidize the small lake. They are believed to have been successful, albiet fatally, as they quickly were lost to dehydration and ensuing madness.


The Brotherhood currently resides in the Fortress of Unliquidatude. This building is made of pure Unliquid Water. Those in the brotherhood have found they have to bundle up in very heavy clothing or the water in their body will become unliquid. This has created a path of enlightenment that some of the members are only allowed to attempt once they reach the highest levels of Ice Elemenstation. At that point the High Ice Elemenstor will live in the Fortress of Unliquidatude with no clothes on and will wait to become like Resc (Read: Being incased in Ice).


Thus far there are over 4,500 High Ice Elemenstors that have become like Resc and are frozen in Ice. The only difference is Resc is still alive.


The Brotherhood is constantly opposed in their goals by their rivals, The Steam Coalition.

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