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The Cap of Refreshment

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The Cap of Refreshment was bestowed upon man by the wrathful god Deeveax at the time of The Great Crossing. This uncharacteristically kind act by Deeveax was meant to dull man's pain caused by the loss of the Elves.


The Cap of Refreshment appears to be a simple metal skullcap, colored to match woodland surroundings and sporting a sturdy leather chin-strap. It bestows upon the wearer the ability to call forth the nectar of Deeveax, Bahkar'D Ohn Feephtae Ohn.


It is shared in whispered rumors that the Cap of Refreshment was the catalyst sparking the incorrectly named Million Year War, and thus directly responsible for the Chasm of Eternal Sorrow.



TimIt should probably be noted that the CoR played a large role in much of the AstroVixens fan fiction and so I do so here only grudgingly.

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