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The Castle Ominousness Playset

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The Castle Ominousness Playset


Notable for being the single most expensive piece of cartoon merch ever, The Castle Ominousness Playset featured a life size replica of Castle Ominousness, which is clearly seen in the background of a scene in The Wizbits Season 2, Episode 9: Enter Moomaw! This castle, complete with gothic styled outer walls and eel infested moat, was only availble by calling a special hotline that appeared in a commercial following the episode.


It is not certain, but is hinted at several times in the Elemenstor Cycle, that the ruins of Castle Ominousness are where the epic battle with the Tamflaggdrmg of the Multiple Mouth-Eyes occurs, ending in the tragic death (and inevitable rebirth) of Mardrangion's beloved wife Mau'de.

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