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The Cleansers of the Taint

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The Cleansers of the Taint


pronunciation keyThe Cle-an-sers of the T-aint
object of worshipCleanliness
holy textnone
main holidaynone
stance on partial birth abortionsOnly if done cleanly. (i.e. no)



The Cleansers of the Taint was founded by Phillyan Monger the Taintless after the death of Hygrad the Mighty and the dissolution of the Band of Men. The Cleansers of the Taint's goal was to fight the Tyrant of Otherhood and to spread the knowledge of the Taintless Men. Those that join the Cleansers undergo rituals to purify their body, mind and soul all while learning of the powers of Ornamental Dishwashing Liquid. The highest position in the Cleansers is that of Taintless Paladin which only one person other than Phillyan Monger has obtained since the inception of the Cleansers, Korbrin.




The Cleansers of the Taint are the focus of A New Brother, the first book of the Brotherhood Octology. The book deals with the founding of the Cleansers and its role in The Brotherhood War. The book also deals with Phillyan's prophecy regarding Korbrin.



TimIs this page referring to Korbrin Terribluth?
bfg00Well all I know is that Korbrin is the name of the person prophesied about by Phillyan Monger in A New Brother. It could be the same person as Korbrin Terribluth but that is not made clear. I don't actually know much about the Korbrin that is referred to in the prophecy. This could just be a case of them having the same first name or they could actually be the same person, which would be odd considering that Korbrin Terribluth is one of The Twelve Scourges of Battal.
TimSounds like this is so far an unknown. Let the wild speculation and flaming begin.

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