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The Daunting Turban

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The Daunting Turban


Extremely daunting both physically and intellectually, the Daunting Turban was said to sap the courage of everyone who laid eyes upon it. The Turban also exerted a similar influence over its wearer, although it was generally thought to be too daunting to wear. Reactions to the hat ranged from acute melancholy to abject terror and, with prolonged exposure, suicidal acts of desperation.


In the epic Anti-Climax of Northeastern Crestplains (Book 3, page 31), Nepanor the Nonchalant dons the Daunting Turban, greatly discouraging a number of nearby farmers and one rebellious turkey. Ergo, a whole sub-plot of the book is terminated without resolution. Despite his nonchalant nature, Nepanor himself is physically overwhelmed by the Turban and collapses underneath it, from which predicament he fails to emerge. The Northeastern Crestplains subsequently become a desolate region where even the weeds have lost their will to live.


Not to be confused with The Taunting Turban.

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