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The Dirty Couch

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The Dirty Couch (汚い、ねいす)


Super ElamenSTAR FINAL Episode 503

Aired 29th July, 2000




As she is horribly bored at home, Zula develops the art of Telemenstation, and uses it to call all her friends. She contacts the other members of the Four Underdogs, and they agree to have a reunion near Mount Wor. But as they travel, Char Reyarteb has unleashed a horrible Furniliar, known only as the Dirty Couch. His size so massive, and his wake so destructive, the Four soon hear of him and change course to intercept the dreaded beast.

The episode ends with the Four destroying the Couch in a terrible battle, only to hear Char's laughter eminate from the sky above them, laughing at their foolishness.

The final scene shows an animated ottoman sobbing in the corner of a room, as the screen fades to black.




This episode shows Zula as the inventor of Telemenstation, although no where else in Canon is it mentioned whether or not another Elemenstor discovered it independently at an earlier time.




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