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The Disilluminati: The Conspiracy to Trash the Elemenstor Cycle

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The Disilluminati: The Conspiracy to Trash the Elemenstor Cycle


Written in December 2005, and published in eBook form, Horphious's 'hard fiction' novel describes The Disilluminati in more detail than was ever necessary. We all know no-one believes this rubbish. That being said, it is worth a read for the appendix ''detailing L. H. Franzibald's sordid 3 day love affair with James Langomedes, blow by blow, minute by minute.'


Book review from 'Conspiracy: Unknown' Magazine.


The Disilluminati: The Conspiracy to Trash the Elemenstor Cycle is a tale of truth, fiction and libellous ambiguity, mixed together in a big bucket with a touch of zealous Elemenstard fancruft. 10/10


Excerpt from Introduction: Free Your Mind


Witness the greatest cover-up in human history. What I am about to suggest will shock and (in the case of a certain section of the appendix) possibly arouse you. Under and behind everything we have taken for granted, an organization has grown that threatens to destroy the one thing with our society depends on the most. Not the governement...not the oil industry...not Disney...something far more important.

They threaten to destroy our source of quality fantasy fiction.

God help us all.


Excerpt from Chapter 12: Let's not Over-assume Here


Here’s the rundown. Everyone knows what a bipartisan proxy is. I know you all do, so; let’s assume that nobody does. That situation there, that is what we are seeing in operation between the Disilluminati and the Dark Fourteen. 'How don’t they know?' you might ask. 'It seems so obvious!' you might continue. Well said, brother: well said.


I am not saying these are stupid people. I am just saying that what is inconsequential is obvious, what is plain is disguised, and what is barbarous is indignant. You all agree there’s no base like avarice; let’s just assume you do for a minute. Hypothetically speaking, if you didn’t know you disagreed, there’d be no basis for fault. This is what I’m saying. Let us drop the charges, people. There is no place like home. That being said, these people are completely evil, so let us make no mistake concerning that. The reputation of a very serious fantasy franchise is at stake here. Let us not mince words over a meal of these proportions.

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