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The Donu-Ishu Seven

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The Donu-Ishu Seven


A team of wandering heroes who, under the lead of Donu-Ishu, won back the Wang Kingdom from The Shadow Lord. Each member of the seven wielded a different sword and played a different instrument, the latter presumably being for recreation after battle.


Little JunBow-StaffBass
Samon KodamaSaiSaxophone
Loré BelmontWhipTrumpet
NaganumaFlying DaggersFlute
Mondo OguraNunchukaBongos
Taro ShiraneSee NotesSee Notes


The Seven achieved great fame in 2,289 when they destroyed the bandit camp of Stara Zagora. All seven died in 2,290 when attempting to asssassinate the Shadow Lord.




Taro Shirane was renowned for using whatever implements of destruction passed near his hands; during the Battle of Stara Zagora, he killed seventeen men with a bucket, and a further ten with a ladder. Shirane's choice of instruments is determined in much the same way.



It says they won back the Wang Kindom from the shadow lord, but then it says they all died. Did they do it concurrently? -TychoCelchuuu
Indeed they did. The Timeline for The Wandering Age states that they stormed the castle and were killed, but slaughtered so many people in the process that the Shadow Lord was forced to abandon the palace. It was a very half-assed victory. ~ Charmy
Are you sure that Little Jun carried a Quater-staff? Given the prevailling metaphors in the Wang Kingdom it seems much more likely that he would have been carring a Bow-staff, a weapon of asian origin on earth, rather then a Quater-staff, a weapon of European origin on earth. - Quizatzhaderac
Thanks for the correction; that is indeed what it should be. ~ Charmy

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