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The Dreaming Feculence

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The Dreaming Feculence


Addressing Controversy

The main controversy surrounding TDF is due to its disregard of The Wizbits storyline. Due to the vocal slatings of aforementioned storyline, it was hoped they could appease viewers by "writing out" the entire storyline. Unfortunately, this proved worse, as the silent majority arose in a wave of angst, and The Wizbits later returned as Wizbits Extreme.


TDF also raises several issues with its complete lack of any coherence with Elemenstor lore; the main character obtains his abilities from a blind hobo.



The storyline begins with Extemporary Feculence working as a farmhand for a farming-couple who are never named. He is clearly a liability, apparently doing no work on the farm whatsoever. Eventually, as with most farms of the region, the couple owning the farm were brutally killed by ravaging monsters, and the farmhands were forced upon a path of revenge. Extemporary Feculence then travels around the local countryside, mostly for lack of anything else to do. The important turning-point is when he meets Ragamoffin, a blind hobo, who for some reason is hiding secret papers of Elemenstorism up his sleeves. While attempting to rob Extempory, Ragamoffin lets slip these papers, whereupon Extemporary obtains them. Leaving Ragamoffin scrabbling in the mud, Extemporary begins his quest along the path to become a Warrior Elemenstor.




Extemporary Feculence's familiar is his sword; Dyhocbjh, which is used frequently in schemes to trick the enemy. It is often rumoured both in the real-world and mentioned in fiction that his amazing prowess can be attributed to Dyhocbjh's unquenchenable bloodlust.



The storyline began in the ELotH: TES - Pen and Paper RPG source book "A Beginner's Guide to Adventuring in Battal" and in the accompanying novel both of which were written under the guidance of famed game designer Richard "Guy" Jackson.

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