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The Earl of James-Jones

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The Earl of James-Jones


Even one as Epic as Rothgar, the Pink Yesterday cannot escape the notice of the law indefinitly- Luckily for our hero however, at this point in his career he was not yet about to be arrested. No, when Rothgar heard word of a manhunt searching for the cause of the death of one Garroth, he knew it was time to lay low for a while. However, Rothgar didn't actually know what that meant- True, he had some inkling that the process could involve assuming another identity and other such things but he did not posses the notion that the identity should a)Put him out of the public eye and b)Be even remotely believable.


Unaware of all that Rothgar proceeded to fashion a crown out of whatever refuse was on hand (Earls did not typically wear crowns) and demand of all who came upon him to "Bow in the presence of the mighty Earl of James!". He quickly grew tired of James and replaced it with Jones, which led to many a confusing adventure, until people took to calling him the Earl of James-Jones, which stuck, despite Rothgar's attempts to change again to "The Earl of McGillucutty".


It was not long before the whole ruse fell apart, but before it did Rothgar managed to meet his future wife Vaxin the Tiny, who approached him to settle a cattle dispute with a local Mud Farmer. Rothgar's solution of having the two of them eat as much of their respective product, beef and mud, certainly didn't help attempts at maintaining his Earl disguise, but perhaps it did help him get on the right foot with Vaxin. This is all chronicled in the tale What the Quilp?.


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