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The Eight Elemental Constructs

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The Eight Elemental Constructs

The Eight Elemental Constructs were terrible, epic creatures created by the Dark Elemenstors during the Hierarch Wars. They all represented a twisted version of one of the eight elements, and were unleashed upon the world to wreak havoc, and herald the return of Char Reyarteb.


Each of these terrible elemental creations had their own unique personality and abilities, and harried the heroes throughout the final books of the series. Strangely, only three of them (The Ambulatator, Black Flame and, ironically, Skullmar) are ever slain in the actual book series, during the epic seventeen final battles at the end of Book 12.





I don't have all the info I used to on the Eight, which is kind of sad because they were totally my favourite part of the late books. If anyone has stuff to add, feel free. I'd really appreciate it. - Bourgeois

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