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The Elspinster Saga

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The Elspinster Saga

by L H Franzibald


A trilogy that freely plagiarized and bastardized notions from ELotH:TES.

Although the first volume was released before Book 1, the general suspicion is that Franzibald secured an advanced copy.


For one example of the egregious degree of plagiarism, see The Four Vales.


In The Elspinster Saga, the world that would eventually become known as Boddle was originally a single continent separated into four distinct sections. Cordoned off by a pair of perpendicular transcontinental mountain ranges (known as the Great Pinnacles and the Okay Summits) the land was dubbed The Four Vales by the Lowerarchs. The vales themselves were each named, uninspiringly, after their location on the continent: the Northern Vale, the Nor'Eastern Vale, the West Sayeed, and the Ohhel South.


As the documented Elspinster Saga Timeline only goes back to the Terrorstorm of the Lowerarchs, life in The Four Vales before the great disaster is vaguely alluded to as an epically bountiful paradise (though not nearly as epically bountiful as a similar paradise would be in ELotH:TES), but any further details are far and few between in the entire canon. Life after, however, is well documented as an epic epoch referred to by most as the Originary Time of Darkness. The Vales were endless wastelands with little or no inhabitants until the birth of Gazpacho in the Nadir of The Skies. The being that would become the Grand Toy Maker breathed life into the once-barren soil of The Four Vales and brought forth wonderous vegetation and fauna the likes had never been witnessed before (though it is questionable anyone had previously witnessed any likes of vegetation or fauna).


It is obvious from its far less epic starting point that The Elspinster Saga doesn't even begin to approach the sheer epical quality of ELotH:TES.



I've heard that this series has been doing rather well rebranded as The Song of the Sorcelator. could just be a rumor.... -tim

Comments (2)

Anonymous said

at 11:01 pm on Jan 2, 2006

Anybody else think that we should move the elspinster saga info on the four vales over to this page? Seems like we want Elspinster Cruft on as few pages as possible.

Anonymous said

at 12:37 am on Jan 3, 2006

Agreed. Not that I'm passing judgement on the Elspinster Saga or anything *cough*ripoff*cough* but I think it needs to be kept in its own separate dirty little pen away from the gleaming Epicness of ELotH.

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