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The Ending Times

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The Ending Times

The Last Age

spans from 30,765 - ?



Timeline Events







  • 39,942 - The remaining six of the Seven Lost Emotions are returned to Battal, proving the Mad Prophet Nostril right 22,000 years after his death. In hindsight, the return is viewed with a certain bliminitous frippiness.




  • 40,000 - Year in which the speculative Fourteenth Manuscript takes place, resulting in the End of All Years.






The Ending Times, also called the Indigo Eschaton, are foretold in virtually all of the prophetic songs and tales of the people Battal, including the now infamous Tharan Prophetic Codex. This era, heralded in part by the repeated losing and re-finding of the Secrets of High Elemenstation and the betrayal at Mount Wor, represents the final straw for the by now beleaguered and threadbare fabric of the Elmether.


It is told in some tales that at the conclusion of The Ending Times, as the seemingly unbroken chain of Epic events takes its toll on the world, the Elemenstors will begin to lose their hold on the forces that had so long ago been unleashed by the Starborn Gem and so their Stewardship of the Elements shall be broken, and the very stuff of the world will crumble, and The Worthy will depart the ruins of Battal in a Ship of Dreams that will cary them to a new realm, called by some The Flowing Vast, leaving behind the howling wind of decay that will sweep the land, rending asunder the heavens and opening a myriad portals to the NastiestPlanes. Many myths of The Ending Times speak of a Champion, often one eyed, but sometimes not.


It is also said that in these times that Furniliar will turn against Elemenstor, and that a Magic Sword King long dead will rise and have some difficulty adjusting. The most disturbing of predictions say that The Ending Times and all the events of them will be brought about by the unrest of the Starborn Gem within its prison deep within the center of Battal, and that it will emerge in its truest form and seek to find a new one who will do its bidding.


Times May, on the other hand, simply end. It remains to be seen.


Some fanfics posits that the Ending Times are the fall of all epicness, and that real-world Earth history as we know it begins shortly afterward. Other fanfic posits that Earth as we know it is in fact in The Forlorn Era Of Pensive Twiddle, so the two theories more or less cancel out.


Life in the Ending Times

Early on in the ending times life for the common being was very much like that in the previous era, refered to as The Rise Of The Elemenstors...


Soon, however, as the Signs and Harbingers of the End began to pile up, it became abundantly clear that the Ending Times where begining, and that it would do everyone well to act accordingly. For a fuller list of Signs, see Signs of The End.


Communities of Prophecy Incarnate

The Ending Times are indeed plural. Apparently the process of Ending is gradual. About 200 years into The Ending Times the population of individuals who were fulfillments of prophecy was a major segment of the overall population of Battal. Mounting resentment of these walking, talking reminders that The End Was Nigh forced them to form cities and villages exclusively made up of Living Signs so they could continue their lives in peace. This separatist movement among the Signs was credited to Jorgston The Seal Of Ending, an activist for Sign's rights. He founded the first Prophecy Incarnate village, Windswept Reminder, in 30,950.


Other notable Communities of Prophecy Incarnate include Imminent Dale, Itsville, and the frontier town Come-to Pass.


See Also: Tharan Prophetic Codex, The Tymes They Are A-Endinge




This is hopefully to become an example of a standard style for Major Heading entries in the timeline. Hopfully The Rise Of The Elemenstors entry for example will have similar formating and standard information about that era
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Given the amount of time-travel involved, it was out of synch before it was even started.

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