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The Forgotten Faction

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The Forgotten Faction


by Dan Potter


The Forgotten Faction is primarily the tale of Lady B'gt'ts and Welregar of Ebonshire's adventures and romance, starting with a flashback to Welregar's childhood as the unloved son of a family of Blacksmiths in Ebonshire, his acquisition and training with the Epic enchanted sword, Triskaidekaphilia.


Specifically, it concerns the madness that is overtaking Lord Quintak Hoch, the Item Law Makers Guild is beginning to abuse its power, completely ignoring Item Laws and confiscating whichever items it thinks are useful or "cool". To stop this, Welregar and B'gt'ts form a group called the Falchion Faction, using the item they tried to steal from them, The Forgotten Falchion as a symbol of their cause. Their rallying cry draws several heroes to their ranks. Korbrin Terribluth, the untrustworthy and evil Dark Elemenstor, Baffien the Whizzard, Giant item craftsman Dommelham Gentral, the young pacifistic assassin Lyssa Circumstances from the future, overlooked Stream Elemenstor Benedeir the Mediocre, amorous polysexual bandit Thad Obor, and the entire Dugba Scissor Tribe - who don't really cotton to the idea of their scissors being taken from them.


The party begins a long journey to the ruins of the Great Stronghold of Anhelm. Although Hoch sends many of his subordinates to try to subdue the adventurers, they triumph every time.


In the climactic final battle against Hoch, Welregar fails. But before the finishing blow can be struck, all of the Elemenstors traveling with the group amplify the powers of the Forgotten Falchion, erasing the memory of Hoch and rendering him harmless. Also unfortunately erasing the last several months of everyone around, making everyone confused as to what they were doing. The Faction disbands, feeling triumphant for reasons they can't quite explain.


As it turns out, their final battle also results in the complete destruction of Item Law Makers Guild, as the heroes lost several months of memory but every member of the Guild had their mind completely wiped. The guild was unable re-form until 20,034.


Although not bad, all too much of the novel concerns itself with the day to day troubles of transporting a large amount of troops overland - featuring such minute problems as food, shelter, sanitation, and morale - all described in extreme detail.

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Anonymous said

at 5:46 am on Feb 24, 2007

excellent. love the cast in this book.

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