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The Fourteenth Manuscript

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The Fourteenth Manuscript


A prevalent rumor in Elemenstor fandom is the existence of a fourteenth book in the Elemenstor Saga to be published one year and one day following the death of Tycho Brahe. Colloquially it is termed "The Fourteenth Manuscript". Written in simple, flowing script by Brahe, it is said to bring the Cycle to a satisfactory close by tying together every narrative thread from every work in the Elemenstor Universe, including the fan fiction. Though there is no official word on the existence of such a manuscript, neither Brahe nor Realmworlds Publishing have denied such a manuscript's existence. At least three employees of Realmworlds were lathed to death during one of the few confirmed abductions carried out by the Dark Fourteen. Any information gathered during the interrogations has not been shared with the community, which has led to a certain amount of bad feeling. The only evidence for its existence, a passing mention of "the final papers" in Brahe's divorce negotiation, is unclear and circumstantial at best.


Rumors of its contents fall into two catagories. The first is derived by prescience based on previous texts and Aristolian aesthetics. This prediction dictates that it is said to take place in the Year 40,000 (UPDATE: It would appear that the year 40,000 is copyrighted already, so I guess TB is going to have to think of a new one.) and to culminate in a no-holds-barred epic duel between Char Reyarteb and Harbinger Portent atop a fiery volcano at the heart of The Starborn Gem for the Fate of All Existence. Horatio the Tribbit (the main character from Book 1) is rumored to be the narrator.


The second set of rumors claims that some anonymous fan hired a ninja who sucessfully managed to produce microfilm with the document's pages on it. This reported copy tells that a new epic conflict where the Hierarchs attempt to recreate the world through another Darkstorm. The High Elemenstors attempt to stop this by awakening Aklom Reklats to his true power. After a battle halfway though the book in which Ronard the Medium leads humanity, all Battal's living heros, and even many back from the grave; against the minions of the Hierarchs. The battle rips the very fabric of the universe to shreds. It is rumored that this half of the book would feature the story of Bigby the Time'lyest, his writing of Bigby's Monotonous Litany, and his removal from the timeline. The second half of the book takes place in the scattered shards of reality suspended in a sea of un-time. The events in the reality shards involve the higher elemenstors, the Chronoclave and even the seemingly lost littleosophers and lead to the creaton of timesorc'ley, the eulithian resonance vector, and even possibly the Hierarchs.


All we fans can do is hope to live long lives so as to see the eventual publication of "The Fourteenth Manuscript".

On the other hand, there is a faster way to find out... The faster way is in no way advocated by this wiki.


See also: Dark Fourteen

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Anonymous said

at 6:20 pm on Feb 4, 2006

"There is a faster way to find out."

Yes. Soon....

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at 1:59 am on Feb 5, 2006



Oh, it's a snake!

It's a...

Anonymous said

at 10:34 pm on Dec 1, 2006

interesting wiki

Anonymous said

at 7:26 pm on Dec 4, 2006

Its more than interesting, its epic.

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