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The Great Bore

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The Great Bore

During the period from -19,232 TH to 0, nothing really happened. Seriously, there's nothing to discuss here. This period could be referred to as The Great Bore in the storied history of Battal.


-- Final page of Grabling Froomchop's work, All of Rounders Kingdoms: From the Beginning


This might be true, except perhaps for the horribly bloody and drawn-out conflict between the Low Elves and the Men of the Covenant (men of northern lands including Mandleclang and Graha) and The Great Breakening.


Froomchop, a well respected historian, made a valiant attempt at creating the definative history of Battal from the beginning until year 0. Having still only reached the year 19,232 by the time that he was an old man he decided to "punt", and state at the end of his book that nothing else of not happened in the final twenty thousand years before 0. When the book was first released, Froomchop was asked about the curiously abrupt ending. He is quoted as saying, "generally this stuff is terribly dry, and anyway, that conflict was ended in year 0, by the birth of the child who would grow up to become King Ronard."


Given that this seminal work sold very well in scholarly circles it was a long time before any new research was done on that era.

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